God Sustains

Have you ever been really angry at someone you love? Yet in that anger, your love for that person seems to overpower the anger in you that even though you are mad, you provide for that person what he needs in order to live. Talk about parenting. =) May well be applicable to husband and wife relationship like this picture below. =)

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There are times when I am at my wits end when it comes to providing discipline  to my kids, but then they ask for food, they need to go to the toilet, they need water, they need to reach a toy from the shelf…they will ask for help as if nothing happened! Of course, as a mom, I can’t let my anger stop me from providing water or food for them. It can be tempting to not provide and let them suffer sometimes, I know. =)

So when I saw this verse:

I saw God’s fatherly love for us, for his people. Though his people were in the wilderness, being disciplined, God continued to provide for them. He did his part by providing and sustaining them. He made miracles and preserved them extraordinarily. Just like how parents continue to show love to their kids even when they are mad.

We fail so many times and think that God will never give us what we deserve or what we have been praying for.  We fail to see that in the midst of our failures, He continues to provide what we need. The basic necessities to live, to be sustained, and to move on in our lives even if we have failed.

Move on. He is sustaining you and will sustain you all the way. =)

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12 thoughts on “God Sustains

  1. This is so true. Just last night, I got irritated with my son but he still talks to me as if nothing happened. He asked for my goodnight hug and kiss. This morning, I still attend to his needs before he goes to school. You can’t stay mad if you really love the person. 🙂

  2. I remembered what happened kanina lang. Napalo ko si little kuya kasi ihinagis na naman nya ang phone ko ng mag-lag ang video ng nursery rhyme na pinapanood nya. He cried. Yet when I said “okay, embrace na…” He embraced me. And wala pang 10 minutes, playful na ulit sya. 😀 It reminded me naman na we should be like kids. They don’t hold grudges. They easily forgive and move on. Yan na lang ang iniisip ko when I am a bit feeling fed up of my every momma life. Haha!

  3. Thanks for this nice reminder, Gillian. Whenever we feel bad, and we feel this a lot of times, we forget na God is always with us. No matter how hard life seems to be, I am super thankful to God for blessing me with my life.

  4. Ah! What a wonderful reminder of God’s love! And yes, I can relate to the mom-child scenario. Sometimes, when I feel like I need to discipline my son, he’d show me that “pity face” and sometimes, would ask for a hug! How can I ever resist that! And yes, they talk to us as if nothing really happened! Thank God for His unfailing love!

  5. God loves us too much, to indulge our every whim! Such a reminder how God loves us so much. Being a mom it’s really tough specially sa pagdidisiplina ng nak. But God use our kids to make us better. To overcome our weaknesses and make us strong.

  6. oh, I love this. it’s true. sometimes we think we’re giving so much of ourselves that we deserve some sort of acknowledgement…but then God has given us so much more and we act like he hasn’t.

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