Green Thumb Myth

I grew up thinking I didn’t have a green thumb. My mom would plant a broken branch and I would see it have leaves later on. I, on the other hand killed most of her indoor plants whenever she went for vacation and I was assigned to water her plants. I just grew up not planting thinking I wasn’t gift with that colored hand or thumb.

The Principle of Sowing and Reaping

I don’t believe in green thumb anymore. I do believe that when you sow something, you shall reap. If you follow the process and have the necessary elements needed to plant a seed: good soil, water, sunlight—then you will eventually reap. These are some of the plants we have grown lately in our small backyard. My mother-in-law helps me take care of them.

I am not into flowers and beautiful plants, I choose to plant those that can be cooked and eaten. Enjoy!


We have already harvested these veggies.

We even placed them on pizza.

These are the basil plants that we have.

I have never imagined we’ll have this. So, if cross out that thought that you don’t have what it takes to grow something. You do. Just follow the principles. As long as all the needed components are there, it will eventually grow.

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