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For most ladies, cutting our hair is one of those ‘make or break’ moments. The dilemma of having a short or long hair can be a real struggle. We want to have a short hair because it’s cute, it’s hot in our city, or we just need to lighten up the load on our head. We want to keep our hair long because, well, have you seen the cute braids rounding up the internet?

Beautiful braids
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They are awesome and we want to try them on our hair, but we won’t be able to do that if we cut it short, right. Oh, the struggle is so real. =) If there was only a way to be sure that our new haircut would look great on us.

When I was younger, I would wish for salons to at least have wigs as samples so I could visualize if a particular haircut suits me. Look at these wigs from Blackhairspray for example:


There are more wig samples to choose from in their site. It would have been fun to try those different hairstyles to see if curly hair  would match my face, or if a specific highlight or color would match my skin’s color.


These wigs can be helpful for people who dye their hair often, wouldn’t it be great to see the outcome of the color first? You know, just to save months of regrets after having a color that does not suit your skin tone. =) This is one reason why I’m not that daring to have my hair dyed. =) I’m not sure how the color would look on me.


If your job requires you to have different hairstyles, or maybe you just really want to have different styles every now and then without cutting your hair, then maybe you can try these samples from Blackhairspray.


While browsing, I forgot that the models were actually wearing wigs. I thought those were their real hair. Then I saw the same faces of models, and realized they were wearing wigs. They looked so real on them. Their hair did not look like wigs at all. Look at this one above. Love the color and how straight it is. This would be great for costume parties or when you need to have a long hair just for a night or a day. =)

Would you love to try these wigs? =) Sounds fun right? You can find more samples in

Blackhairspray is a leading e-commerce company that provides wigs and other hair care products to professional stylists, beauticians, mothers, students, etc. all over the world.

Again, this is a sponsored ad, but all opinions are mine. =)

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14 thoughts on “Hair We Go!

  1. Interesting, I never really gave much thought to using wigs. This article has defintiely given me much thought to trying them out. It would be nice to view a certain hairstyle and look for my particular face shape and complexion. In order to help me make a decision of choosing a style before I make it permanent for a while.
    Thank you, for sending this sponsored article. It was a great read.

  2. The wigs at Black Hairspray are super nice. I actually only found recently that there are so many varieties and I love the front lace wig style!

  3. I haven’t tried wearing wigs but I would recommend this brand to friends who do: either because of need or fashion. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes. Maybe for those jobs that require the use of these wigs, it will be a good form investment because they would be able to use it for a long time.:)

  4. Never tried using wigs, on an office event lang once. Parang ang init at ang mahal eh. Although, wigs nowadays looks so real, unlike before na halatang ang tigas lang.

  5. I agree. They do not look like wearing a wig. I love wig, too. we would always be a little playful if we like and experiment on the length of hair plus the color. Makes me want to really buy one or two. Ihihih.

  6. I have tried a few wigs before but it was meant for fun. Only wore it for a few minutes. I haven’t worn a wig for long. Not sure if I will need one in the future. But these wigs are like natural hairs on these ladies.

  7. Gosh ayaw ng ayaw ni hubby na pinuputulan ang hair ko, kaya medyo magastos sa shampoo and conditioner. But I like these wigs it adds flavor and energy sa personality mo. and also what I love about these wigs they are like your natural hair di halata na wig.

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