Hello Marhaba is an online learning platform for English language learners that connects students to teachers.


In order to book a class, go to Hello Marhaba and click Book Free Trial.  Courses start from Absolute Beginner to Advanced 2, and course packages are also available.

After booking, an instruction will be given to download CLASSIN app which students will be using as an online classroom when the class starts.

You will be notified via text message after booking for Hello Marhaba and downloading ClassIn.

To be reminded of the online class, you can click the option to add the schedule to your Google calendar.


During the day itself, I was notified about the class. I had the chance to book one of their free trials for my 3 year old son who falls under the Absolute Beginner 1 level.

The class started on time and though there were minor technical difficulties at first due to the internet connection’s stability, everything went fine once the class started.

My son, who isn’t in school yet, enjoyed the experience of someone teaching to him in a very interactive way. Teacher Ali started with introductions, names, and letters. She asked my son questions about the lessons and my son would answer them  and he would get virtual rewards for a job well done.

I saw my son enjoying the lesson because it was interactive. It was not one way where the teacher-time was more and less time for the student to participate. In the class,  Teacher Ali encouraged my child to participate by asking him questions, letting him repeat words and letters, and even writing on the screen of the device we were using. For desktop and laptop, I guess you will use mouse to write on the screen.


Since this is an online class and my child is just three, I have observed some things that could have been avoided and improved, at least on my part as a parent to make the lesson an even better one. Don’t get me wrong, Hello Marhaba did great, this one is on my side which I want to share so that you can prepare in case your child is going to enroll in Hello Marhaba or in any online classes for kids.


The timing I chose was around 5:00 PM and I forgot that my son would have been already be tired by that time. True enough, he was a bit sleepy before starting, but the teacher managed to handle him well and it resulted to a very happy session for my kid.

What to do: If you are going to choose a time, choose the time when your child would still be active and possibly be more attentive. Don’t choose a timing where he might have already consumed his energy or near nap times. Choose days and times that are more convenient for you as well because you will assist your child.

Internet Connection

I prepared my mind for this one even before the class started. I want you to be ready as well to set your mind that problems in connection can happen and be gracious enough. Be patient when it does happen. Don’t blame the teacher, the platform, or the company when this happen because even big companies in a meeting experience this.

What to do: Don’t leave your child until it the connection or class is stable. These technical errors usually happen just at the start of any online meeting. Once everything is going smoothly, you can move away from your child so you won’t be a distraction during the class.


You can’t fully leave your child in an online class especially if your child is 5 yrs old below.  There are times that they would need assistance on how to do things or how to respond to their teacher. Too much assistance is not good as well. This will make them depend on you too much.

What to do: Once the class is going smoothly, you can move at the back or at a distance where you can still hear what they are talking about-enough for you to reach out once some problems arise. You can also stay just outside the room and leave the door a little open. What I did was I left the door a slightly open-just enough for me to see him from time to time.

Video troubleshooting

There would be times when your child would move a lot after a song and dance or just because he keeps on moving or playing with his chair. In this case, he might not be visible to the teacher.

What to do: Cooperation between the teacher and the parent or guardian makes a child’s learning experience enjoyable. Whenever I see that my son’s body has moved a bit from the chair, I try to move him back without being seen in the camera so that he will be visible to the teacher again.  Little things like this matter a lot when it comes to online learning. After a few sessions,  the kids will be aware on how to act and move in front of their teacher when in an online class.

Audio troubleshooting

Sometimes, a child’s voice won’t be loud enough for the teacher to hear. This is an example of why someone should be there in case the child needs technical assistance in video and audio. Older kids are more knowledgeable on these things, but younger ones would need help during the online class.

What to do: When my son’s voice was a bit soft after being reminded by the teacher to make his voice louder, I reminded him to make it a bit louder until he gets used to how loud he should talk and until he gets the flow of the class.  I then left the room again so he could focus on the teacher.

It is best to use laptop or desktop and a headset with microphone in an online class where speaking will be done. Tablets tend to pick up the background noises while headsets with microphone produce better quality of sound.

I made a video of the online class my son had, here are some highlights. Enjoy!

That’s it. If you are interested in taking an English class for your kid, you can visit go to Hello Marhaba and click Book Free Trial.

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