Home Depot Deals & Coupons For Black Friday 2019

You can find amazing coupons and deals for Home Depot using Slickdeal’s offers.

Whether you are preparing for Christmas decorations or renovating your house for the coming year, you will surely find something in Home Depot’s Black Friday Sale. You can even buy presents for Christmas as early as now. Don’t forget to use Slickdeal’s coupons so you can get more discounts and deals.

I know for ladies, you know you have moved on to the next level of motherhood when you would always look for ways to get discounts on items.

Fortunately deals are everywhere, you just need leads to get you there and here’s what this post is all about. Here are the top deals from Home Depot below:

40 % OFF + instantly get up to $600 off when you buy 2 or more appliances

If you are looking for appliances to change or finally upgrade your old ones, now is a great time to do that because you can receive a 40% off from house appliances. Plus, all appliance purchases $396 or more qualify for free delivery. Free delivery!

Cleaning System
Vent cleaning system

I love this vent cleaning system of lint eater. It gets all those dirt in those closed places. places hard to reach and even cleans some appliances that count accumulate lint.

LG Electronics
Washing machine

Okay, this is new. Dryers have wi-fi already? Well, that’s an upgrade. Possibly for connecting this appliance to your smart devices.

Black Friday Sale Home Depot 2019
Dyson vacuum

Ahh, my favorite. One of the items on my wishlist. The Dyson vacuum. I see this and I always smile. I like working with sleek items. Sometimes, I just need a quick cleaning in one spot, I don’t need to pull out the massive vacuum cleaner all the time. I just need something to do the job quickly without too much effort. At least, that’s how I see this Dyson cleaner from the commercials.

Home Depot’s 15% on Bed & Bath

For a limited time only, you’ll get a 15% discount on select bed and bath items at Home Depot!

Home Depot 2019
Black Friday Sale Home Depot 2019- BEd & BAth

Copy this code at checkout: BEDBATH15

Home Depot’s $25 OFF on Drills & Tools

I don’t know why, but I’ve noticed that whatever a man’s profession is, when you give him tools, he gets excited. It’s as if he wants to fix objects in the house even though they are not broken. Haha Anyway, if you have men in the house who love tools, here’s the deal for you.

Black Friday Sale Home Depot deals
Black Friday Sale Home Depot deals- Makita

Home Depot’s 10 % OFF on Selected Home Decorator’s Collections

Beds, beds, beds. Everyone wants to go home and lie down on a good one. You can get an additional 10% discount on selected Home Decorators Collection’s Gordon Queen or King Sleigh Beds for up to 70% in total savings.

Black Friday Sale Home Depot Deals
Photo credit: Pligrimfurniture

Use this code at checkout to get a discount: GORDON10 

Home Depot’s No-Interest Financing

If you want to use your card, you receive a special offer. In addition to that, consumers who use credit cards get special every day financing on purchases of $299+, up to 24mo. financing during special promotions, and 1-year hassle-free returns. Know more about this Home-Depot No-Interest financing here.

There are more ways to save at Home Depot on Black Friday:

  • Download the free Home Depot app. You can check store inventory and get store maps to give you an extra edge over other shoppers. You can also comparison shop through the app, and purchase your items directly from your phone.
  • Be sure to sign up for the Home Depot email list to special Black Friday discounts and alerts, including a coupon for $5 off your next purchase. However, the $5 coupon is not valid on Black Friday.
  • Check for rebates. Browse the Home Depot Rebate Center and check the manufacturer website to see if any additional rebates are available.
  • Get 10% off if you’re a military member, just be prepared to show a military ID. It’s not clear if Black Friday is an exception to this deal, so check first with your local store.

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