How To Digitalize Your Kid’s Artworks Using Procreate App on IpadPro

I want to preserve my children’s artworks, but as neat as possible. I keep some of the sheets of paper or notebooks, but I’m pretty sure they might get lost sometime in the future when I decide to declutter. 😁 So what we do when we have time is digitalize their works and then use them as flashcards for the youngest boy we have in the family. 😃

From this:

The dinosaur my 7 yr old drew

To this:

Hello, dinosaur! 🦖🦕

I used watercolor brush in Procreate app for this one

I even wanted to make a sticker when I saw their drawings. 😁 It would be great to have a Cricut machine to do stickers seamlessly. I could print them on sticker papers but then there won’t be cutting line which Cricut machine does amazingly. #wishlist! 😁

Here are the digitalized drawings of my 5 yr old:





A zookeper. He wanted to make a book about animals so I told him to keep on drawing and I’ll collect all of them and turn into a “book.” He was so happy when he saw the digitalized drawings.

I’ve already taught them how to do it on their own so sometimes, they digitalize their own drawings or just directly draw on the iPad.

Like these:

🐋 I honestly think they have maximized the use of my iPadPro. 😂 I don’t even use the other brushes.

I should explore it more like them. Haha so carefree.

I taught my kids how to make mountains and how they could look like it is far and the other one near, but my 7 yr old thought of something else. 🤷🏻‍♀️ A volcano. Well, why not? So I showed him the liquify effect for fire. My 5 yr old used it for the dragon in the previous photo. 🐉

I’m pretty sure I’m going to have future posts about their drawings. 😁

You may also use Photobook Worldwide’s service by sending photos and then they can make an album of it which will be sent to you. 🙂

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Don’t forget to use the code to get 55% off. 😃

For the meantime, here’s the video I made on my Youtube channel on how I digitalized my kids’ artworks. 🙂

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