How to Make a Green Screen on Keynote + Add it to iMovie

Final Cut

When it comes to editing videos, Final Cut is the software that people always recommend. It can be a bit pricey, but if you are going to use it for business purposes and if you have the money to invest in one, then go for it.


Another app that people use is the Filmora app. There’s a free version but you will have a watermark at the end or the middle of the video output. I don’t like that.

Workaround: Keynote + iMovie

Since I don’t have the famous Final Cut (yet?) I try to solve all my layering and editing issues using the native apps on iMac, which are really workable anyway. It becomes easy as I keep on doing it.

Issues with iMovie

iMovie is okay for simple texts to be added on my videos, but there are times when you want the texts to look pleasing or to suit the video. Whenever I make videos, I always include words (Words & Wonders?!), so this part is very important for me. If it is just pure videos, iMovie alone will work. So here are the main issues I’ve encountered with iMovie (personal preference):

  • TEXT FONTS: Limited
  • TEXT POSITIONS: Cannot be customized
  • TEXT SIZE: I can increase the size but then I’ll have problem with the parts of the screen that it covers because I cannot manually position it.
  • TEXT BACKGROUND: Not available. Sometimes, I want to add a text background so that the texts will be visible, but this is not possible in iMovie. There’s an option though where I can choose a title template with a background included, but the designs may not be appropriate for my project.

Then Enters Keynote

Keynote on Mac is like the PowerPoint app for Microsoft where you can make presentations. So if you are not using Mac, just get the principle and you can apply the same for PowerPoint.

It is a very powerful app for presentations and videos, you can even make an entire movie using it. Mainly because of the available animations and customizations you can do using it.

Extra Tip: 

I also use keynote for making thumbnails and other social media photos because connection is slow sometimes and using Canva and PicMonkey where I can make all the other social media designs can take a lot of time uploading and downloading my photos. You can also try DesignWizard which includes free graphics, designs, and templates for all your marketing, even personal projects.

Here’s the video:

So here’s a video on how to use Keynote to add a text layer because iMovie. Just pause if you think the video is too fast for you. Have a nice day!

What do you use for editing you videos or making designs? Share them below. Plus, if you have questions, you can leave them on the comment section below so we can learn from them as we search for the answers on how to do them.

Have a nice day!

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