How To Make Brown Grid Sticky Notes in Procreate App

I like the brown sticky notes I saw from @katiejournals. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one here in Jeddah. After looking for many days, I just told myself that I would just use the materials I have here.

I have a roll of brown Kraft paper and I thought of just drawing lines on them using light felt tip pens. It worked, but I wanted to make a digital one so I can print them anytime I want.

Tutorial on Youtube on how to make brown sticky notes in Procreate app:

Struggles of Every Crafter in Saudi Arabia

Living in Saudi Arabia can bring some difficulties for hobbyists and crafters alike especially when it comes to purchasing items related to arts and crafts.

It has been a struggle for years.

First problem we usually encounter is that online shops don’t ship to Saudi Arabia.

Second, cost can be expensive especially for the rare ones. Like 3 times higher than the product we want to buy.

Third, the options available here are very limited. As in very limited. I once bought an acrylic block for clear stamping in Jarir bookstore one time, but when I asked where the clear stamps were, they said they did not have one. I mean, why would you sell the block, when you don’t have the stamp? They go together.

Anyway, those are just some of the struggles crafters here in Jeddah have experienced.

Here are some online stores where you can buy some art supplies, but not all of them have the cute ones that we usually look for in crafting.

Online Stationery Shops:

Stationery Shop – Notebooks, Diaries & Pens | › en_gb › stationery
Paper Source: Stationery Stores, Wedding Invitations, Gifts …

Stationery – › store › stationery

Shop Designer Stationery: School & Office Supplies | The … › Shop by Category

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