How To Make Souvenir Mugs

Finally made a video showing the process of how to make a souvenir mug using a mug press machine.

I bought a mug press machine January this year for personal hobby and if money came after, that would be bonus.


I wanted to put some of my artworks onto something. From soft copy or digital copy to be transferred to a book, a thing, or a frame. I just wanted to have an output for them.

Mug Press

I bought the mug press machine along with other machines that I’d need in Golden Signs Advertising Jeddah. I can’t find their Instagram account now. Maybe they have changed their name, but there are many advertising stores in Jeddah where you can buy products like mug press and other heat press machines.


Here’s a video I made showing the process of making souvenir mugs from printing to heating. I hope it can help those who are looking for business ideas that they can do at home. 🙂

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