How To Make Your Own Button Pin/Badge

Made to Worship by islesgilian
58mm button pin/ badge

I first fell in love with button pin machines back in college days. My friend and I were given the task to give a design to a shop that makes button pins . We were surprised at how fast the process of creating button pins/ badges was. I knew at that moment that I could do it. The cost of materials vs. the profit was also good.

button pin machine
Button pin machine. I like the fact that I don’t need electricity to run it.

How to make a button pins (or some call it badges):

  1. Create a design. In MS Word, Correl, Photoshop, etc. anywhere you are comfortable with. For simple text, I just really use MS Word/Mac’s Page.  You can use this template for free.button pin design sample
  2. Print the designMade to Worship by islesgilian
  3. Cut the design. You may use a pair of scissors. You may also want to invest in a circle craft puncher
  4. Put the cutout in the machine. Press the lever and you’re done.
    button pin machine
    Step 1: Put the metal plate (on the left metal container)
    button pin machine
    Step 2: Put the cutout design
    button pin machine
    Step 3: Put the mylar (the plastic) then press on the lever until you hear a click
    button pin machine
    Step 4: Put the back cover (the one with the pin) on the right container and press the lever again. That’s it.

    Made to Worship by islesgilian
    Finished product. Made to Worship button for a youth event.

You can watch the whole process on my Youtube channel:

How to Make Button Pins/Badges | Crafts with Gil

Around three years ago, I was asked by my husband to think of something I wanted as a gift. Yeah. I chose this. I would usually choose something that could give possible income in the long run. Since I love arts and crafts, I told my husband I wanted a button pin machine. (weird, I know)

I have made many button pins (and made money) out of this simple button pin maker and had I been more aggressive in making this as a home business, I’m sure I can earn more.  If you are in Jeddah, you can check out Marty & Miggy Facebook Page. 

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Other items you need to make button pins:

Where can you use button pins, you may ask.  Almost in every event. You just have to add a little creativity. 🙂 Here are some ideas:




If you are in Philippines, you can buy Button Pin machine from : Folsom Arts, Philippines

So, how can you use button pins in your niche? Just be creative and I’m sure you can think of one. =)

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24 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own Button Pin/Badge

  1. This is so wonderful idea for DIY & raising awareness about things. I used to have a button pin machine when I was little and I absolutely loved doing them haha. I should start again 🙂

  2. Wow! You are amazing and very creative! I didn’t realize how many things you can use with the badge. Now I’m planning to use them as gifts for the holidays. My problem though is I don’t have that machine to use yet. lol.

  3. Oh , these buttons are that easy to make ??? I have never seen a circle cutter, how good to know ! Thanks for these easy instructions , that would be perfect for schoolclasses etc as well !

  4. I consider myself crafty too, but my busy work schedule leaves me littls or no time for diys. This looks so easy though, and the fact you can earn doing it…. thats very good!

  5. This makes a nice giveaway for events. And it looks easy to do especially if you have the materials already. You need to invest on the materials talaga to create beautiful crafts.

  6. I used to make badges at school, I loved them! I just loved the machine that you use and they were always so quick and simple to make. You’ve brought back lovely childhood memories . Im thinking of giving them a go again. You could have such fun with the designs! Ree love30

  7. I love button pins! I have some nice ones on my backpack. I mostly look for movie related pins. It looks so easy to make these pins. I love that. I’ve never done it myself. The examples of the pins look great. I want to make some as wel now haha. I’ll check out your amazon links! Maybe I can make some pin buttons for my blog :).

  8. This is so cute, I had no idea how pins are made. You are so lucky to own such a machine, you can make any pin you want. 🙂 I love adding pins with the flags of the countries I visit on my backpack.

  9. Wow! I seriously would want to have that button pin machine. Yes, for business and also for fun. I will be out this Saturday and I hope to find one. Sana it is not that expensive.

  10. I love the button award! So cute! I agree, you can really make money from it. You only need a small capital for the machine and consumables but will turn out to a huge profit especially for bulk orders. I will recommend this to my brother since he’s into graphic arts. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Not so much of a good person with DIY but this one is reesourceful … alot of friemds will find this useful down here as avenue to see different concepts come hard to find down here .

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