Kanban Ideas

Lately, my mind has been very active. Thoughts and ideas kept coming and I felt the need to write it down. Since I’m more of a visual type, to see the big picture of all the things I need to do helps me organize my tasks and remember them. Anaesthesia has taken its effect on me after giving birth to two boys. I was in denial, but there were really times after delivery that I forgot the things I had to do.

I was thinking of having a board where I could post or write my tasks for every category. Sounds nifty. I could use a notebook or iPad app. I’ve tried it before, but I think what I need (as of now) is something that’s erasable or disposable. At this point, with two kids to take care of, I can’t go and look at a notebook every time I need to remember my tasks. I want to see it quickly, like the way I look at a clock to check the time.

I came across this ‘kanban’, a tool designed to reduce the idle time in a production process. The main idea behind the Kanban system is to deliver what the process needs exactly when it needs it. It is originally a Japanese manufacturing system in which the supply of components is regulated through the use of a card displaying a sequence of specifications and instructions, sent along the production line.- ProcessExcellenceNetwork

Anyway, here’s a sample:



Another one from A Little Tipsy: (I find this one really cute, check out how she did it and you’ll be amazed at how she used an old window wood to look this cool.)

Kanban by A Little Tipsy

Here’s one that’s easy to make:

Kanban by ProductivitySam

Still thinking on which one to use and where to put it!?! As for now, yey to productivity and efficiency. haha

Made a simple kanban beside my bed.



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