I Want To Be Useful

Last month, my kids and I spent a week at my parent’s place in the mountains of Rizal, Laguna. One morning, we went to get some avocados and other fruits available in my parent’s farm.

My nephew getting avocados.
My eldest and second son getting avocados.
My dad teaching my second son how to use the long stick for getting fruits.

Everyone was doing something like getting fruits from the tree and washing the fruits, etc. My youngest, because he was either too young to reach the fruits or too short to wash the fruits, made a sad, teary-eyed face and said “I want to be useful.”

I want to be useful

It came out of self-pity, probably? When he saw that everyone was doing something.

It also came out of frustration, knowing that he is able to do something meaningful than just looking at everyone do their task. He knew he was capable of doing something, he just needs to be given an opportunity.

Opportunity to be useful

I think we have all felt this before. Given the correct motive, this desire to be of use is actually good. This means that you are aware of what you are capable of. It also means that you want to use what God has given you, whether gifts, skills, or resources—you just want to make the most out of it.

Seek for opportunities to be useful

Sometimes, opportunities come to us, but most of the time, we have to come to those opportunities. You can volunteer in your area or in an organization you are part of. Check how you can be of help. Often times, they are just waiting for people to come and extend help. If there’s no opportunity available, they will keep you in mind and connect you to another opportunity or they might call you the next time they need a person to help them.

These skills, gifts, resources that we have are not just for us. It is also to help others, to teach them, and to contribute to the place we live in. This is also one way on how God can be glorified. It is not a requirement so we can have salvation, but it is the fruit or the result of being saved. When we use what we have to help others, it pleases God and the more that he will bless these gifts, skills, and resources that we have used. The love and help that God has showed us causes us to love and help others.

In case you are wondering, I asked my youngest to catch or get every avocado that his brothers and cousin would get. I put a bag around his shoulders and he happily took all the avocados.

He was satisfied. He was happy and proud that he was helping—that he was useful that day.

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