Inside KidZania, Jeddah

KidZania is an interactive child-sized replica of a city for children ages 2-14. It combines fun, role-playing, inspiration, and helpful trainings for kids to enjoy.

Inside the KidZania city, children will work in different companies like Coca-Cola, Domino’s Pizza, Panda, SMSA, Saudia Airlines, IMC (International Medical Center), etc. where they will be trained and informed on the roles they are to play and earn Kidzos (KidZania money). These KidZos can then be used to purchase items in the KidZania department store or pay for dance, singing, art lessons and more just like in real life.

The first stop is the KIDZANIA AIRPORT.

KidZania Airport

Awesome idea. This is where kids will will be given a “boarding pass” which they will use in order to enter the “city” of KidZania. Don’t keep this boarding pass yet because the kids will present this later to the bank in order to get KidZos (money) that they will use inside KidZania.

KidZania bracelet/ tracker. 

KidZania watch

In the KidZania airport, each kid (even the babies who are with you) will be given a wrist watch/bracelet which will serve as tracker. It will track if the kid has already worked in a company, his location, and a great security feature so kids can’t go out alone or with another person because the parent has a tracker too which will be scanned before leaving the place.

Saudi Investment Bank

Saudi Investment Bank

Once the kids enter the city, they will be asked to go to the bank. This is where they will present their boarding pass. The teller will give KidZos (KidZania money) which the kids can use inside.

KidZos (KidZania currency/money)

Note: Be sure to go back to the bank before leaving KidZania. All the KidZos can be transferred to an ATM card with the kid’s name. When you come back to KidZania in the future, you can use this in the ATM machine beside the bank to withdraw KidZos. Cool! =)

Kids at Work (Here are some of the companies where kids can work)

There are just too many jobs that kids can try and each stop will consume at least 15 minutes (From falling in line to receiving their salaries). Parents can take photos except for the Saudia Airlines PILOT training, but you can go to KidZania studio where kids can wear the pilot costume and have your kid’s photo taken (with real money as payment).

Saudia Airlines Pilot Training Facility

I suggest that you start with this one once you see that they are already accepting kids inside. This is because the line here can be really long once the people start coming.

Saudia Airlines Pilot Training Academy

International Medical Center

International Medical Center (IMC) ambulance
IMC ambulance
IMC nurse
Inside IMC room
Inside IMC room

Kids will experience being a doctor/nurse inside IMC. Some of them will play the role of patients needing emergency care while the others will ride the ambulance as rescuers and nurses.

Fire Station

The best part of being a firefighter is going around KidZania while in the firetruck. Kids will try to put out a fake fire from a building on fire.

KZPD (KidZania Police Department)

KZPD (Police Department)

Panda Supermarket

Kids will be trained to be cashiers while the others shop for grocery items.

Panda supermarket

Coca-Cola Factory


Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak

Rainbow factory

Rainbow factory
Rainbow factory

Mobil Gasoline Station /Al Dallah Driving School

This is where parents can rest a bit. The Dallah Driving training will really take time. Only older kids (around 5 onwards) are allowed to drive. They will be given KidZania license once they pass the driving school. They will keep on taking the driving exam until they pass. Other kids will be stationed as gasoline boys and carwash boys.

Important note to parents: Kids love acting these jobs. They love putting gas on the cars, wiping and washing the car. They think of this as a fun activity. So set aside those negative feelings about some jobs and don’t fight with the staff on why your kid was not driving. The kids will enjoy it and that is what’s important. 

Mobil gasoline station
Dallah Driving Center
Driving lesson at Dallah center

TV Station and Radio Station

Kids will be heard and watched as they become DJ’s and news men in these stations.

TV station
Photo by

SMSA delivery

Kids will be given delivery tasks. They will go around KidZania to deliver packages and have the recipients sign forms.

SMSA delivery service


Kids will paint walls. Kids will be given an overall plastic to protect their clothes from paint.

Jotun Paints
Jotun Paints

Saudi Oger Construction company

Kids will be taught on how to properly complete walls using foam bricks.

Saudi Oger Construction company

There are more jobs to try and I tell you, the whole day is not even enough to finish all of them. =)

KidZania Lessons

Here, kids need to pay (KidZos) to learn cooking, acting, jewelry making, etc.

KidZania Acting Academy
Culinary School
Cooking lessons
Fitnesstime Junior
Dept. store
wall climbing
For Toddlers and babies

On the second floor of KidZania, there are two play areas allotted for toddlers and babies. Parents can stay here if they just want to sit down and relax. There’s also a Parent’s lounge for parents where drinks and foods can be bought but with real money.

Group Tours

If you are more than 10 or a group/school, you’ll have a discount so be sure to call KidZania first before going there to book your reservation and avail a discount or try these COBONE deals where you can get KidZania tickets for a lower cost.

Dinosaurs Alive soon

Contact KidZania:

KidZania Jeddah – Home | Facebook
KidZania Jeddah (@KidZaniaJeddah) | Twitter
KidZania Jeddah كيدزانيا جدة (@kidzaniajeddah) • Instagram photos …

KidZania, Jeddah (Inside Mall of Arabia)

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13 thoughts on “Inside KidZania, Jeddah

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Kidzania with Nate and hopefully with Dane. I actually won a free ticket to Kidzania last year but had to sell ‘coz Nate was still very young pa pala, di pa pwede. So maybe next time, fingers crossed! ♥

  2. My family and I celebrated our son’s birthday last year in Kidzmondo here in Qatar. We’ve also been to Kidzania in the Philippines, 2 years ago. Thank God for educational theme parks such as these!

  3. We love Kidzania and my son wanted to visit again kahit twice na kami nakavisit, sulit naman ang fee nila sa dami ng activity. Nice to see the Jeddah branch. Sometimes I also want to include Kidzania in my itinerary when we travel, there is a branch in SG and Tokyo kaso naisip ko meron na sa Pinas.

  4. Your Kidzania there looks so awesome! I’ve never been to the one here in the Philippines because it’s a bit far, but I’m hoping for an opportunity to visit it. Your note made me sad though; are there really parents who complain when their kids pretend to be gas station attendants?

    1. Yes. Most of the kids would really love to drive in that station. I think it is mainly on our set up here. We live as foreigners in this land. The locals here are not really used to doing jobs that other nationalities do. For pinoys and other nationalities, that’s not really a problem so much, although there were a few who were a bit hesitant and would suggest for their kids to drive.

  5. I really wanted to bring Zd in Kizania, sino ba naman ang hindi mag eenjoy at matoto sa ganitong set-up. Pati mommy mag eenjoy dito. I hope and pray this year we will able to explore Kidzania here in Manila.

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