Jeddah|November 16 rain

Yesterday, November 16, Jeddah experienced a scary weather. It was cloudy followed by great winds and heavy thunderstorms. It was just 2pm and yet, it looked more like 6pm because it was really dark. Students and employees were immediately asked to go home. Some did not leave knowing that there would be traffic jams in the streets, so they left at around 5 or 6pm.

It has been a long time since Jeddah experienced this kind of weather. The last time, I remember, was around January 2011, where most of the streets had flood.

Back then, a little rain would cause all the streets to have flood. Now, there’s great improvement, I believe. The main roads didn’t have flood like before, but still, some streets received flood, but at least not that high! Good job for Jeddah officials who are doing their best to fix the roads and drainages to reduce flood in the city.


Photo credit: Butch

Photo credit: Saudi Gazette

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