It’s About What Things Can Become


Disciplining kids can be very tough. Maybe you have seen some smiling faces of my kids in the photos I take. As a reader, you may think that I’m very blessed to have sweet, loving, happy and smart kids. A great family every mother wants to have. In reality, as in photos, what you see is just the processed file. =)

I, like any mother, encounter exhausting times in disciplining my kids, too. There are times that they want to go on their own ways, do the things they think are right, go to places that I told them not to go to, touch things I clearly stated not to be touched, etc.

I could just stop. It has come to me before. It will be easier. I’ll just close my eyes, let them do what they want to do. Do something else, when they are doing something wrong, hoping others who see them will take charge and scold them so they’d learn hard. Yes, it will be a lot easier. FOR NOW. If I continue doing that, I will receive the consequences later on.

Sometimes, I just want to say YES to this. haha =P

Of course, good results don’t always come overnight. It requires every day consistency, discipline, sacrifice, conscious effort, to achieve something.


“You must have long term goals, to keep you from being frustrated by short term failures.” – Charles C. Noble

God did not give up on me. He believed in me. He believed I could be a better person so He gave me different opportunities to grow.

Disciplining maybe difficult, giving up is not the best choice to take just because there are no visible results now. Kids, teenagers, even adults will always have their crooked road moments. Just don’t look at their failures now, dream of what great people they can become.

16 thoughts on “It’s About What Things Can Become

  1. I feel you, Mommy! Disciplining kids is tough these days. We have to ask more patience from God and the wisdom for us to discipline them in the right manner.

  2. Yes I agree disciplining kids is quite difficult and challenging. Kaso if you let them do whatever they want, I agree tayo din mahihirapan sa huli.

  3. We all have our own ways of disciplining. No matter which style, it just has to be done though. Great collection of quotes! A reminder to us all. 🙂

  4. How I wish my mom is still alive so I can ask her on how to raise a child. I remember na pinapalo pa niya ko nung bata ako but as I grew up, she’s the coolest mom I have ever had.

  5. One of the toughest job as a mom! And take note each child has its own unique reaction to the disciplining stuffs so we must have different approaches/styles to it. One step at a time. Kaya natin to mommy! 🙂

  6. It’s hard to discipline my kids because i tend to spoil them, but, it is necessary on making them responsible adults. very inspiring insight. <3

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