Jeddah| Khalideyah + Nostalgia

Khalideyah Jeddah seems to have not changed at all. πŸ™‚

When I came here in 1998, Khalideyah used to be one of the few places one could go to for most shopping needs. For Filipinos, this was the only, if not, one of the few places that sold Filipino and other asian products.

The place almost never changed. I was waiting for the stores to open after prayer time (salah) this afternoon and every step sent memories of my high school days.

This place used to be (or maybe it still happens today?!) the waiting area for teenagers who would like to go to Saudia City Compound which is right across the street. You need a sponsor to enter the compound so some students usually wait in Khalideyah to be picked up by the sponsor’s dadβ€”batch by batch to be able to get in through the resident’s gate and not through the visitor’s gate where the line is usually long because they need to get details like driver’s license, iqama, name, number, and address of the sponsor for you to be allowed to enter.

Every store reminded me of when my dad and mom used to be here. Oh, those are the days.

This afternoon, I walked there with three kids and I was telling them stories of how I used to go there with my family too.


Al Baik and Baskin Robins are still there. Famous among Filipinos is the Wajbah restaurant. A few years ago, part of Khalideyah suffered from a fire incident and some of the stores had to close down for a few weeks. Wajbah took this opportunity to renovate the restaurant and and not just fix things. They had to close for many months! We thought it was over for the restaurant, but they opened and it was a brand new start for them. The place is now well-lit compared to the dim lights they used to have. It looks more contemporary now.

I’ll be making a separate post for Wajbah soon but here’s how it looks like inside now. πŸ˜ƒ

Better right? 😁


If your size goes beyond triple XL, don’t worry because Khalideyah shops sell XXXXL plus sizes of shirts. There really are arabs who are beyond XXL and these shops are catering their needs. πŸ™‚

Visiting old places can really turn that nostalgic mode on. It’s nice to reminisce from time to time and look back on where we have been and see how far we have gone from the starting point. It makes us appreciate what we have now even more. πŸ™‚

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