Jeddah Restaurants | I’m Hungry + Low-Maintenance Friendships

The first time I went to I’m Hungry, Jeddah was unplanned. They were those instances where you and your friends just wanted to go out then one suggested to go there and we all jumped in to the idea. Yeah. That’s what happened. 😂

Play area

It was already evening when we went there. We were around a family of four to five, I think. The moment we stepped in, all the kids got excited because on the right was a huge play area from floor to ceiling. I think this is one of the main reasons why this place is always full.

The play area is heaven for kids. It towers up to the ceiling and can be pretty scary for parents but spells “oh, so fun!!!” for kids.

Too crowded

Opposite the play area are the tables and chairs which often feel too close to each other that makes it difficult to pass by. If you want privacy, there are also tables with curtains. Be sure to bring some patience with you when you go there because you might surely wait—while standing.


We tried their famous triple burger. I find it juicy and the bun’s size is perfect for kids and even women, though men might find it too small for their big hands and appetite. The serving is enough to be consumed in one sitting. There are burgers that are too big and you just can’t really finish it in one meal, but this one is just enough. Enough to satisfy you without being too full.


For an average-sized burger some customers consider it a little pricey to pay 20 riyals +. The meal comes with fries and unlimited drinks.

Here’s a video I made of I’M Hungry with my friends and families:

Video: I’m Hungry + Low Maintenance Friendships

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