Jeddah Waterfront (Corniche)

Makkah Gov. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal inaugurated the Jeddah Waterfront Project last month and people in Jeddah are all excited to get a sight of this amazing project.

The Jeddah Waterfront project was envisioned by the King of Saudi Arabia, following a decree to improve public amenities and recreation in Jeddah.-ATKINSGlobal

Photo Source: Skycrapercity

Set in the heart of Jeddah, the design makes the most of the site’s position by the Red Sea to utilise water borne transport such as water taxis and ferries.

The aim of this project is for people to be encouraged to navigate their way around the various amenities on foot or by bike, via car-free cycle routes, while children’s play areas will ensure it is family friendly.-ATKINSGlobal

Photo source: Skycrapercity

Note: This is just one side of the Waterfront, you can watch the video below to see the entire length of the Jeddah Waterfront Project

Jeddah Waterfront
Jeddah Waterfront Corniche
Jeddah Waterfront Corniche
Jeddah Waterfront Corniche
Jeddah Waterfront Corniche
Jeddah Waterfront Corniche
Jeddah Waterfront Corniche
Jeddah Waterfront Corniche
Jeddah Waterfront Corniche Mosque
Jeddah Waterfront Corniche
Jeddah Waterfront Corniche
Jeddah Waterfront, Charging stations
Jeddah Waterfront fountains
Jeddah Waterfront Corniche

If you’ve reached the JEDDAH landmark and got thirsty, you can simply go to the other side and go to Fun Time Pizza & Game , Jeddah. That’s the nearest establishment around where you can buy food and drinks. Entrance for kids is 10 SR each.

Fun Time, Jeddah (Opposite Jeddah Waterfront)
Fun time, Jeddah (opposite Jeddah Waterfront)

You don’t have to worry about comfort rooms, because unlike the old Corniche, this place has many toilets available. The plan is to have 120 scattered along the Waterfront. Just please be respectful of the next person who is going to use it by flushing and putting your trash in the bin.

There are already videos circulating the web about the trash and icky things done and left inside just days or weeks after the opening. Hopefully, it won’t continue because there are penalties against vandalisms and those who damage the public properties in the new Jeddah Waterfront.

Photo by: Saudi Gazette Cameras that monitor the Jeddah Waterfront
Jeddah Waterfront Corniche toilets
Jeddah Waterfront Corniche toilets
Playgrounds for kids:

Kids will love these play areas. The slides are designed as vehicles.

Jeddah Waterfront Corniche play area
Jeddah Waterfront Corniche play area
Jeddah Waterfront Corniche play area
Jeddah Waterfront Corniche play area
Jeddah Waterfront Corniche play area
Jeddah Waterfront play area
Jeddah Waterfront play area

They should really add more swings. =) The kids are patiently waiting in line just to play here.

Jeddah Waterfront Corniche
Jeddah Waterfront Corniche
Jeddah Waterfront Corniche
Walking and bicycle lane:

Finally! A bike lane. =) You can now bring out those bikes and freely pedal along this clear road. You can also walk or jog between the two bicycle lanes.

bicycle lane
bicycle lane
IMPORTANT Facts about the Jeddah Waterfront:
  • The Waterfront will have control and surveillance center equipped with 120 high-resolution cameras with facial recognition technology.
  • These cameras are connected to the control rooms of the public security agencies as well as the municipality to help the officers identify any offenders.
Photo by: Arab News
  • The 720,000 sq. meter-project also includes smart seats that have energy sources and outlets that the Jeddah Secretariat sought to provide in accordance with its initiative to develop smart cities.
  • The Jeddah seafront project also includes the longest pedestrian bridge in the Kingdom, connecting the Corniche and Prince Faisal bin Fahd Road.
Photo source: Skycrapercity
  • The project will also feature three beaches for swimming, five beach control towers and a 125-meter fishing pier with 15 umbrellas and six family restaurants, a marina for small boats and a floating dock.
  • The new project will also feature a 480-meter sea wall, 120 toilets, 24 kiosks, and 14 fountains, four of which are interactive and dancing fountains.
Buildings opposite Jeddah Waterfront
  • The competent authorities have made it clear that they will not be lenient in applying prescribed penalties against vandals who damage public utilities at the newly opened Jeddah Waterfront.
  • The sources pointed out that the minimum fine for any act that damage the public utilities at the site is SR200, while it can go up to a maximum of SR5,000.
  • Those who cut the lighting pole cables will be fined between SR3,000 and SR5,000, and the damaged light will be repaired at the expense of the perpetrator.
Photo by: Arab News
  • In cases of causing damage to the sidewalks, streetlights or landmarks, the violators shall be fined SR500 to SR1,000, in addition to the cost of repair.
  • Fines for the destruction of the greenery, destruction of cages that protect plants, tampering with public parks and causing damage to palm trees or any other trees are punishable by a fine of between SR200 and SR1,000. Source: Arab News and Saudi Gazette
Photo by: Arab News

Here’s a beautiful video of the place. I took photos of just a part of the Waterfront, this video covers the other areas. Just so beautiful.

The song in this video! Epic. Haha The song is about Jeddah. I could hear streets and places in Jeddah in the lyrics of the song. I find it very amusing. =)

This is how the entire project should look like when done: There will be ferris wheel, malls, dancing fountains, restaurants, etc =)

Here’s my video version of this post:

Jeddah Waterfront location:


Have you been to the new Jeddah Waterfront? What did you like most about it? Share your photos/ links if you have one. =)

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37 thoughts on “Jeddah Waterfront (Corniche)

  1. At first, akala ko Dubai, parang marami rin waterfront dun. It is nice to see Jeddah Waterfront Corniche, parang complete na, may activity for kids and adults. I like bicycle lane, yan ang di uso sa Pinas.

  2. It’s funny how my perception about KSA was completely changed since Dane started working there and also reading your posts. I grew up thinking puro dessert sya at di man lang ako nagresearch! lol. Now, I just learned about Abha, posible na si hubby maassign dun pagbalik nya from vacation, at nakakatuwa ang lugar na yan, parang ‘di Saudi! hehe. Ok, going back to Jeddah waterfront, ang ganda at ang linis ng lugar!

    1. HAha. You are not alone. Ako din nung una, akala ko ang titirhan namin yung mga brown na square houses na nakikita ko sa Superbook. hahaha Abha is a cold place. Parang baguio daw yon. =)

  3. Wow, that project really does look exciting. My boys would love that play area especially since they’re vehicle-themed. The pedestrian bridge also looks amazing. So long!

  4. This looks like a really cool destination! I particularly like the architecture. And those umbrellas look great fun! 🙂

  5. I am not familiar with this sensational waterfront prior to reading this post. Thanks for sharing it.

    I love how the architecture plays off against the water and coastal landscape. Although it is does not really sit naturally within the landscape or even compliment it, it is still a wonder to behold.

    I agree with everyone else, who doesn’t love a good umbrella installation.

    Thanks for sharing. Keep travel blogging. Adventure is better shared with friends!

    1. “Although it is does not really sit naturally within the landscape or even compliment it, it is still a wonder to behold.” -EXACTLY!
      I felt that too, but I still great we now have something like this here. =) Thanks!

  6. I think this project is great for the people and visitors to this area. There seems to be a lot of consideration for security and well being. The fines for damage are high so hopefully that will discourage violators. I like that it is very family friendly!

  7. This looks like it will be a great family area when all is said and done. I like that they are very strict about destruction of property. I don’t feel that you see that enough. This has the potential to be a great area to spend time in.

    1. This place really has a potential to be a great area to spend time in, I just hope that people will continue to work together to make it clean. =)

  8. I would love to visit Jeddah, angganda ng playground ng Waterfront sis. Even ang comfort room nila ha angganda! 🙂

    1. Yes, it is open on Fridays. You may go early in the morning. However, people have recently stayed away after an incident where a man was bit by a snake in the sea (Facebook video). Just be careful when you go. 😁

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