Al-Esayi (EXO)- Jewelry Making Tools in Jeddah

These are my tools for crafts/jewelry making. Got this from EXO-Jeddah. There’s a branch in Flamingo mall and one in Souq Al-Sharq or Makaronah Souq. 

Al-Esayi (EXO) is one of the many shops here in Jeddah where you can buy tools and raw materials for jewelry-making.

Jewelry making tools (35 SR) (5 pcs.)

This set of jewelry making tools costs 35 SR. There’s another set of around 6-8 pcs. of tools, a complete set which costs 65 SR.

With these tools, and other items like crystals, beads, pendants, I was able to make these earrings and bracelets:

If you’re going to go there, I suggest that you bring a picture or a screenshot of what you want to buy, especially if you don’t know the name of the item or if you can’t speak Arabic. This will also make transactions faster.

Souk Al Sharq/ Makaronah Souk map
Souk Al Sharq/ Makaronah Souk map

The CRYSTAL HOUSE in AL SHOLLA is another place to find jewelry making tools and materials.

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