Journal/Planner 2020

DIY customizable planner/journal.

I’m more of the journaling type, and I’ve used planners in the past, mostly for journaling ideas, reflections, writing topics, etc.

What would usually happen is that I’d use up all the pages of the planners before the year even ends. 3 months to be exact. Thus, loosing track of all the other schedules I’ve written on the planner. So, I thought of separating my journaling notebook from my planner, but it didn’t work for me as well. 😁

That was because I didn’t want to carry two notebooks in my small bag all the time. Plus, my journaling notebook was a bit bigger and it didn’t fit my bag.

I have been looking for an unruled notebook so I can combine planning with a bit of journaling. I still have a separate journal for my reflections, I just need a space to write random thoughts and ideas on my planner which most planners I see here don’t have.

What works for me

This blank notebook works for me (we’ll see 😁) for now because I can create my own calendar and design the pages according to my mood and activities. This way, I won’t be wasting pages like what happens in planners when there are no activities to write on certain dates leaving the pages blank as I keep writing on the next dates.

Ease of DIY planner/journal

It takes me 5-10minutes or less to draw/layout the monthly calendar. The reason why I haven’t done this before is because I thought it would be time consuming based on what I’ve watched on videos that I follow, but I guess when you are used to journaling and crafts, it is a bit easier.

How about you?

Do you do more of planning or journaling?

Or both? 😁🙂 If you are using one this year, do share it so I can check it out. Might work for me. 🙂

Happy New Year!!!

Here are two accounts you can follow for journaling/planning inspiration.

I love them so much. 😁😍



11 thoughts on “Journal/Planner 2020

  1. I have a notebook (journal) that I bring with me everywhere. Each week I write a page with the days of the week on it and what I need to do each day under the titles. Then on the following pages, I take notes in my meetings. I *try* to keep a table of contents so I can easily find things. Then I have a passion planner calendar that I keep at my desk.
    I also use Google calendar. I wish I could just use one thing but I try literally every year and it never works!

  2. I love your creativity. I’ve tried different methods, as well, and haven’t really found one thing that works. This year I have a planner that has room for a daily to-do list, because I love checking off what I’ve done 🙂 I think it will have what I need to plan my blog, my homeschool, and my daily life. I really like the idea of making my own, though, so I can combine what I like about different things I’ve tried.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, I like to try combining things I do this time on this planner. I’ll see how it works for January. But I still have other notebooks for other things. This one is only for notes and tasks.

  3. So cute! I love this idea. I love to both plan & journal, but feel like I have a million different notebooks. I’m trying to stick to two matching ones this year- one planner, one journaling. We will see 🙂

    1. Me too. Haha I have a separate notebook for journaling. This one is more for ideas and tasks. 🙂 would love to see your style in journaling.

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