Kitchen Gift Ideas For Moms

Have you started buying gifts for Christmas? If not, then come join me as I try to hunt some useful gifts especially for moms.

Moms can either be very easy or very difficult to be given gifts. Enthusiastically give some moms an iPad and they’ll say it’s useless because they don’t know how to use it. The easy part though is you know they’ll appreciate anything that they can use in the house. From kitchen utensils, to bathroom decorations. You just know they know where to properly place these items.

For the first gift hunt for moms, I’ll start with the kitchen tools.

1.Cleaning Tools.

As a mom, I know how hard it is to clean some items in the kitchen that have really small holes. Whenever I bake, I find it really hard to clean some decorating tips and other tools. These can be very helpful, even in cleaning some small toys that kids put in their mouth.

For milk bottles, teapots, even small toys.
For milk bottles, teapots, even small toys.

2. Bottle/ Jar opener.

Do you always ask for your husband to help you open a jar of sauce or a bottle of sweets? I do. I rarely can open one alone. Sometimes I have to use a knife to open an “EASY TO OPEN” bottle cap. =/  I think this is a unique gift that moms would appreciate.


3.  Baking Tools

If you know a mom who loves baking or who is just learning how to bake, then this is a great gift for her. A complete collection of tips for piping. This is every cake decorator’s  dream set. =)



4. Heat Resistant Kitchen Glove

This holder is great for bakers or those who love cooking. Slipping baking trays and pans won’t happen anymore. The grip is perfect every time you are taking out a newly baked good.


5. Cupcake Hole Maker

Perfect way to create a cupcake hole. This is currently just $ 1.75. (Direct link: here on Sammydress.


6. Egg Poacher Silicone Bag

I’m not an expert when it comes to poaching. I just can’t perfect it. If you know moms who try to avoid using oil in their recipes, then this is a great gift. Check out how low their price is.


7. Garlic Press

Make garlic preparation easier using this garlic press. Only for $ 1.55. (Direct link: here) =)


  • When you’re done shopping for your moms, why don’t you take a look for gift ideas for dads and husbands on Sammydress’ website.
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  1. I am not a good cook so I haven’t perfected any sunny-side-up eggs yet in my whole life!!! This EGG POACHER SILICONE BAG is definitely what I need!

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