Korean & Japanese Mini Market Jeddah + New Location

As an Asian living abroad, I often find myself craving for Chinese and Japanese food; noodles, tempura, sushi, rice toppings, and many more.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to spot unique Asian products in supermarkets here in Jeddah. Thus, we find ourselves eating in different Asian restaurants like Yummy Yummy, Hainan restaurant, Sushi Centro, Benihana, Chopsticks, Wajba, and Pattaya Thai.


I was looking for seasoned seaweeds and I found one in Korean & Japanese mini market.  They sell this for 10SR (3 packs). I can buy this in the Philippines for 120 pesos for 6 packs. That’s like around 10 SR for a pack of 6.😏😏

It is a small seaweed wrap that I can add to anything I eat. =)

The taste is the same. It is a different brand than what I used to buy. I assume it’s a different brand because of the packaging😁😁 and not because I can read the characters , but it has the same appetizing flavor.

If you feel like you are not in the mood to eat or your taste buds feel bored of the usual foods that you eat, try this. I always say this every time I eat this seasoned seaweed: It is so flavorful that it wakes up your taste buds as if electrifying all the other senses to start up and eat happily. I find it so delicious that my eyes 😚 automatically close as I chew every bit of it and savor that delectable small blanket of seaweed. Oh, so good. Buy one. 😂😂

Seasones Seaweed- Korean and Japanese Store Jeddah


I also found brown rice green tea (pinipig tea). I fell in love with brown rice tea after trying Benihana restaurant’s tea for the first time around 7 years ago. This was the only store back then selling the same tea. It only lasted for a year because the following years, they did not have the brand I originally fell in love with. I can’t remember the name.

Brown Rice Tea-Korean and Japanese Store Jeddah

This one doesn’t have a strong brown rice aroma which I am after.  The difference is with the first brown rice tea they’ve sold, I could use the same teabag for 2-3 cups and still have that strong brown rice taste. For this new one, it is milder and you can’t use it to make another cup of tea. 😄😄


I haven’t tried it, but I always hear this in Japanese food. Maybe, next time. =) Have you tried this one? Which one is the best to try? 🤔


There’s a lot more in there, here’s the quick video tour inside the Korean & Japanese mini market in Jeddah.


If you know it’s old location before the fire incident that took the whole place down, then it is just near the place. It’s in opposite the NCB bank.

Note: If you cannot see some of the photos in old posts, it may have something to do with the WordPress/Gutenberg updates recently.😭 Bear with them. 😂

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4 thoughts on “Korean & Japanese Mini Market Jeddah + New Location

  1. I love mochi, fluffy sweets! I actually know about it since Uni days in Manila. Though it’s expensive I bought 1 or 2pcs to take home with me. I also like Korean foods and my first bite actually was in the famous Queen street of Auckland NZ.

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