Laban and Mint Drink in Less Than One Minute

My kids love drinking laban/yougurt drink. I, however, had difficulty drinking it plain. It tasted like spoiled sour milk for me so I thought of a way on how to drink.

My husband asked me to taste a laban mint mixture he made with a little sugar and I loved it from that time on. This drink is so easy, even kids can do it.

I just used a few mint leaves, you can use more if you like that strong minty flavor when drinking it.

I also used 3 tablespoons maximum for this one tumbler of laban (around 3 cups). I can drink with less of it, which I do from time to time, as long as there’s a balance between the sweet and sour flavor in this drink.


Plain laban/ yogurt: 3 cups

Mint leaves: 5-7 leaves

Sugar: 3 tbsp


  1. Pour the laban inside the NutriBlitzer or any fruit extractor.

  2. Add the fresh mint leaves and sugar.

  3. Blend until smooth or the mint leaves are fine. For NutriBlitzer, it really takes just 10 seconds or less.

  4. Shake a few times and serve.

SALT. You can purchase laban with salt flavor, it felt a little awkward at first to taste the salt, but your tastebuds will actually thirst for it later on. I tried using the salted flavor once because, I bought the wrong flavor. I thought they were all the same. I prefer the plain one, though. You can use the same recipe in the salted laban flavor or just add salt in the recipe above.

Here’s a short video of this recipe:

If you are asking about NutriBlitzer, I initially bought this so I could prepare healthy meals for my kids. NutriBlitzer can make almost every fruit and vegetable (even nuts, malunggay and munggo) very fine, so you can add them to your kid’s favorite meals. Here are the links on where you can find NutriBlitzer. I haven’t tried NutriBullet, but they look very much the same even in videos. NutriBullet is a lot cheaper than NutriBlitzer, but again, I haven’t tried that one, so I don’t know how it performs.

Product used:

You can also use NutriBullet from AMAZON:
NutriBullet Pro:

SOUQ.COM NutriBullet: NutriBullet:

*This post contains affiliate links

I’m pretty sure I’ll be posting more recipes in the future using NutriBlitzer. If you have other laban/yougurt recipes, please share them below so I can try them next time. =)

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8 thoughts on “Laban and Mint Drink in Less Than One Minute

  1. Laban is a new word for me. lol. This nutriblitzer looks nice and durable. What we only use as fruit extractor are juicer and blender. Which reminds me, sira na nga pala yun blender namin. haha.

    1. I feel they are the same. =) I remember there’s a yogurt drink in the Philippines and they taste the same. =) Mint can be refreshing. =) PEro konti lang. =)

  2. Interesting combination. Never really thought of mixing yogurt drinks with anything because all our kids love to drink them as is. But I would love to try this!

  3. This interests me. I would like to try this at home. I need to buy siguro mint herbs in pots kasi I dont have any. I am a peppermint or any minty flavor fan.

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