(Grammar) Language Awareness Course in Jeddah


What does the course cover?

The course covers everything about grammar. From the parts of speech to the detailed tenses of the English language.

Who should take the course?

Students. If you are a student who wish to review or learn  grammar thoroughly, then this course is for you. It will strengthen your knowledge from the basic to the advanced levels of grammar, which will be helpful in doing your reports and assignments.

Employees/ Secretaries/ Writers. If what you do in your job is related to writing documents, articles, and office works, then this course will definitely be a great tool to give you confidence in finishing those documents of yours. Since you are probably knowledgeable about grammar already, this will help you learn the principles behind each grammar tense, which will make work very easy after the course. =) (This article is not paid, so trust me, it will surely help you in that way.)

Teachers and Assistant Teachers. With/ without/or even those with great experience should take the course. Teachers who wish to work, but don’t have any experience yet may take this opportunity while waiting for the job they want. Aside from the certificate, coming from the London Teacher Training College, the discussions between students and teachers can help clear out grammar confusions among learners. Teachers may learn tips on how to introduce and teach advance grammar lessons to kids and adults alike. Attendees of this course will also be given tips on how to teach grammar to non-native speakers and locals. So if you teach English to Arab students, then this course can help you a lot. You are also free to ask the instructors for clarifications during the training.

People who are planning to take IELTS/ TOEFL/SAT.  This course will definitely help you develop a strong foundation on grammar which will be helpful in interviews or exams. They have a specific review course for IELTS, SAT and iBT, which you may also take instead of this grammar-centered course.

Personally, I find the course helpful, especially for language teachers. Side note here: Since the course is intensive, one must at least have a background of basic grammar or at least speaks English in order to easily cope up with the course because it is a one day (5-hour) course. Certificates, which will come from London Teacher Training Center,  are given 2-3 weeks after the course. Trainings are held in hotels like Movenpick and Hilton and schedules and durations of each course depends on course type.

If you want to attend MEET courses or enroll in their programs, please browse the information below or visit their website:  http://masterenglishtraining.com 


ABOUT MEET (Master English Education & Training)

Master English Education & Training is the first “active” teacher training-centre affiliated with the London Teacher Training College in Saudi Arabia. MEET delivers accredited professional development courses for teachers and one-day workshops.

MEET offers the following courses, for teachers, working professionals and few for students as well:

For students and working professionals:

  • Certificate in English Grammar
  • Certificate in English Language Achievement
  • Diploma in Business English Writing

For new and experienced teachers:

  • 120-hour TEFL Certification course, TQUK-endorsed, Level 5
  • Certificate in TESOL,
  • Certificate in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers (TYLT), TQUK-endorsed, Level 5
  • Cambridge TKT training
  • Diploma in TESOL,  TQUK-endorsed, Level 7
  • Graduate Diploma in TESOL, TQUK-endorsed, Level 7
  • Diploma in Teaching Business English, TQUK-endorsed, Level 6
  • Diploma in Montessori in ELT, TQUK-endorsed, Level 5
  • Diploma in Teacher Training, TQUK-endorsed, Level 6

MEET also offers one-day workshops for teachers as well. Our one-day workshops are conducted in Saudi Arabia’s prominent hotels with excellent facilities. The one-day courses we offer throughout our calendar year are:

  • Certificate in Teaching Grammar
  • Advanced certificate in teaching grammar
  • Certificate in teaching pronunciation
  • Advanced certificate in teaching phonetics
  • Certificate in teaching vocabulary
  • Certificate in teaching IELTS
  • Certificate in Applied Complementary therapies in teaching practice
  • Certificate in Teaching one-on-one
  • Certificate in Teaching Practice
  • TESOL taster course

MEET also conducts IELTS, SAT, ACT and iBT training courses. Contact them for more information and prices. (Groups preferred)

Visit their siteMaster English Training- Courses for Educators 

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  1. How interesting. I’m a speech-language pathologist with an interest in accent modification. I’ve worked with ESL clients who are wanting to improve their English, mostly phonology or the sound system of English, and mostly one-on-one.

    1. Wow. “accent modification,” your job sounds really interesting. =) You’ll be an in demand teacher if you were in this place (Saudi Arabia). =)

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