Leadership: Choose Your Battles Well

I’m currently reading the book of 1 Samuel, which focuses on the life of David before he became a king.

I couldn’t help but say “Now, I know why God delights in him.”

The next time I meet someone eager to be a leader, I will ask him to read 1 Samuel first and let him digest the entire process of how to be a leader and if he is willing to undergo the same intense course David went through. If the person says “yes,” then go ahead, be a leader-because what David experienced was actually what every promising leader would face.

“And David was hurrying to get away from Saul. ” v.26


  • God’s chosen king
  • Anointed to rule one day to be the king of Israel.
  • When Saul got jealous of him, his life was in danger. He fled from one mountain to another, from cave to cave just to get away from Saul.
  • Was he afraid that he couldn’t beat Saul? No. Not at all. He killed a giant, remember? What is Saul compared to that?
  • He avoided him because he knew he could possibly kill him and he didn’t want that to happen. He didn’t want his own hands to take the life of the present king(leader).
    He honored the present king(Saul)-his weaknesses, his failures, his craziness-He gives so much honor to his king and to the ONE who placed his king in position.
    God spares David’s life as he continues to do this.

    He passed the hardest test there could ever be for a leader: the test of jealousy over power and greed.
    David was never power-hungry, though he knew he was the promised king. He did not use that card-HE WAITED FOR HIS TIME.
    He could have ended Saul’s life and be king in an instant , but he didn’t.
    He chose to follow the process. He chose to wait. No wonder God delighted in him so much. HUMILITY AT ITS FINEST.
    He chose his battles well.

I should choose my battles well.

  • I should choose my battles well.
  • With the strength, skills, and excellence that God gives, I can surely be placed in a higher position by simply “eliminating” the present leader. I can spread an unpleasant rumor, I can focus on his weaknesses and tell it to everyone, but what would all that make of me? It wouldn’t be a battle, I’d be proud to win.

Just like David,

Honor the present leader

Wait for the right time

Be humble before God

Always seeking his strength and presence

Never be power-hungry, but help those in need

Focus on serving others

Never use your strengths to put other people down, but to lift them up

Avoid any circumstances that could put your leader down.

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