Leadership: Turning Outcasts Into A Mighty Army

I am currently reading 1 Samuel about the story of David’s flight away from Saul, his king,  who was also trying to kill him.

After reading this, my heart hurt for David. I’ve read this before, but now I see it in a different perspective.

I am amazed at how emotionally strong David was in the story.

During this time, he was trying to escape from Saul, to whom he had been very faithful. His king was trying to kill him. He left everything he had and there was nothing to eat. He had to leave his best friend, position, and family behind…and yet according to this verse in 1 Samuel 22:2, when the people came to him:

  • he helped everyone who was in distress
  • and everyone who was in debt
  • and everyone who was bitter in soul

These people all gathered to him seeking for help-during the time when he too, was at his lowest and he BECAME COMMANDER OVER THEM.

These very people became part of his mighty men in the long run. He turned outcasts to an army-even at his lowest point. These people became loyal to David and fought with him in battles because they saw how he helped them even at his weakest. David did not do to them what Saul did to him.

May God grant us the strength to lead,
even in our weakest
those times when people come to us for help
not knowing we also have our own battles within.

May we be like David,
taking command,
having the right mind in the midst of an emotional chaos
and turning distressed people into a mighty army for God.

Also, I saw this photo from one of the FB groups I am in. I thought of sharing it here:

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4 thoughts on “Leadership: Turning Outcasts Into A Mighty Army

  1. It’s not easy to act like David but we have to wear his hat. He was bold irrespective of the situation at hand. It’s unfortunate that during this pandemic when Christians need to unite, the evil one is still causing discord among Christians. I saw an experience that left me baffled today. Anyway, persistent warriors shall see the Kingdom of heaven.

  2. My daughter and I were just talking about David last night and his heart for God. What an amazing example for all of us to follow. Thank you for sharing!

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