Lessons at the Playground

Yesterday at the playground.

The little boy who was so excited to go to the playground was met with an overwhelming problem. There were too many kids (for him) at the playground. He has never been in a playground with so many kids since the pandemic. Usually, there would be just five kids or less. 😁

Jacob: “Marcus, you can’t wait for the playground to be empty. You have to be tough out there.” 😳🤭

I honestly got surprised at how my 10 yr. old son responded. At an early age, I felt proud to hear it from him. Oh, I wish he’d carry the same fighting spirit in life’s toughest battles.

Anyway, there were so many things to learn, and are two of them:

✅We don’t wait for problems to be gone or for situations to be better. We have to be tough out there and face it.

Remember that those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength…most of our problems are not simply removed, but we are given renewed strength to face it and eventually going through it becomes easier. 🙂

✅We don’t just tell people to stop being afraid, or to do something alone especially if it is their first time to do things. We have to assist them, little by little until they can stand on their own. Until they can comfortably and confidently do it. Leading and mentoring at its finest. 😅

My husband and I thought it would be great to practice leading people to success and conquering fears so we told our 8 yr. old and 10 yr. old to help him first.

At first, our youngest kid stayed in the middle of the two older brothers. Later on, he’d slide while under his brothers’ watch. Then, he’d do it alone.

Until, he’s the only one playing and his brothers were just sitting down with us waiting for him to finish.

It felt good to see him enjoying the playground because he spent around 30 minutes crying, trying, and coming back to us until we have finally convinced him.

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