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The main reason why I haven’t been blogging in the last quarter of 2019 was because of technical issues I have been encountering on my website.

When WordPress mobile updated 4-5 months ago, I started having a hard time uploading blog posts from my phone. There would always be an error when uploading until I had to completely stop because it was taking too much of my time.

*If you know a solution to this, please do share the answer. It is only in WordPress mobile. So, what I do now is I just upload all photos from the computer. It is much convenient to do it at times from the phone, though.

Helpful resources:
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I went back to desktop typing for a post but my blog would receive an amount of around 10-20 spam comments full of links in one day. If I forget to open my site for one week, I’ll have to delete those spams manually. It was tiring and by the time I was done, time was not enough to type a post.

I even thought of deleting the entire blog and start from scratch, but the amount of traffic the site has gathered throughout the years can’t just go to waste. Whenever I partner with another company, sets of questions are asked about my site/blog, one major question would always be the amount of traffic my site gets. It will be a basis if I would be approved as a partner or not. So, I kept it.

As I was sharing this to my friend who owns, she shared to me a plugin I could use to keep the spams away. Here’s Antispam Bee plugin, I installed it and then no spam up to now. Such a relief. Finally, I can start posting again. Anyway, if you are in Jeddah and you need designs for your company, you can check out

She also designed the Red Wood Collection in my @martymiggy shop.


So many things happened and days seem to fly by so fast. Around August, yeah August-imagine that, it’s now NovemberJanuary as of this edit! Anyway, around August, my family went to Shoaibah with friends. It was a holiday, so it was time to unwind and relax. I made a video of that here: Shoiabah 2019.

Other Youtube videos I made:
G-Log #19: A Long Saturday Around Jeddah
Where To Find Affordable Sports Apparel in Jeddah
Inside IKEA Swedish Food Market, Jeddah

October, I attended a talk about Entrepreneurship with Ms.Eman Shakoor. She is one of the leading game changers here in Saudi Arabia when it comes to business and she is very inspiring. I won’t be surprised to see her everywhere from magazines to TV in the years to come. The talk was in partnership with StartUp Grind and Google for Entrepreneurs. You can watch Learn About Entrepreneurship with Eman Shakoor in a video I made on my Youtube channel.


I have finished Rich Dad, Poor Dad—a great read to have a change of mindset when it comes to finances. It is a book that can give you a good push especially for entrepreneurs and people who are willing to take adventures and play with strategies so you can attain financial stability.

I’m currently finishing To Sell is Human. A nice addition to the books you may want to read if you are in the line of start-ups and entrepreneurship. It will make you realize that everyone is actully selling-some are earning money, some are recommending, but unconsciously, we all have this innate character in us to influence another person to buy something that is really good.

The books I am reading are targeting my weak points. As I accept my weak spots, I face them and make efforts to improve them rather than be depressed at how weak I am in that area.

I’ve been browsing my drafts and little by little publishing the posts from last year that I have forgotten to post or that were left unfinished. So, they are like “old news” already, but I’ve decided to publish them anyway. 🙂

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Jeddah Workshop | Convert Your Skills To Cash

To register: Pathways Jeddah | Skills to Cash Workshop

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  1. Really engrossing blog! Love all the little anecdotes and photos. Also, Rich Dad Poor Dad is quite the book. I still remember how amazed I was after reading it the first time myself, so much good info that mainstream society and school never teaches you. Keep up the great blogging!

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