Life in the Middle of the Desert

My husband’s company had a family day last March and we were not sure if we were still on the right track because—well, look at that photo above. (Photo got corrupted when my website God hacked. Just refer to the video below) We were in the middle of nowhere! 😂

Until we finally saw an enclosed camp in the middle of the desert. That was pure relief. 😁

I couldn’t believe there’s ‘life’ there. 😂

Don’t be deceived though. It has got some fun things to offer inside: playgrounds, rides, cabins, tents, football field, basketball court. All in the middle of the desert.

The place is called Deeratna, you might see also Deratna if you are using Google maps for location. 🙂

One thing I’ve learned from traveling in the middle of the desert that day: KEEP FOLLOWING THE MAP and YOU’ll never get lost. 😂

Here’s my video of Deeratna, Jeddah:


Just like in life, if we keep following God’s ways, we’ll reach our destinations. 😁

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