Lying Lips

Deliver me, O Lord, from lying lips, from a deceitful tongue. 

Psalm 120:2

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez, Unsplash

The cause of David’s distress was lying lips

Have you ever experienced being in trouble just because fake news spread about you? Or because someone talked behind your back and spread lies about you? It caused you sleepless nights, right? This is exactly what David suffered in the past because there were people with lying lips that would always bring him into trouble. Since David was a mighty warrior, he would always be surrounded with enemies left and right, and some of them were caused by people spreading bad words about him so that the enemies who heard these lies could end his life. A strategy used by people who are either afraid of David or jealous of his greatness.

Man’s way

If only he could throw sharp arrows or hot glowing coals into the mouth of the deceitful person, he would. This was David’s thoughts playing about how he could end these people’s schemes. He then realizes that it is useless if he avenges himself in such a way. He will end up being warlike and be like those who don’t have God; those who hurt each other without a cause, those who hate peace and that is not how he should act, but that is how we normally acts as people. Sometimes, we act abruptly without thinking and we fight people the moment we hear lies about us. That is man’s way.

God’s Way

Pray for those who hurt us. Love our enemies. Now that is different. That requires a full turn. That is not how a regular man would deal with lying lips. Yes, because as God’s people we are different. Our ways should be different. If we apply God’s way, the result will be much different. Imagine praying for those who have hurt us, then instead of fighting back at them, showing them love and goodness…it breaks them. The one who spread lies about us will eventually experience God’s love through us , and they will  be powerless in the presence of love. For though thousand tongues speak lies, love conquers all. Love forgives and love keeps no record of mistakes. Love keeps giving chances of change.

Do we enjoy using our tongue to hurt people behind their back?

If we are the one on this side of the coin, think of the pain David was experiencing. He felt distressed knowing that people with lying lips were saying things to put him down. Let’s use our lips to praise and lift people up instead of bringing them down. Let’s use our lips to worship God, and to lift his name higher in everything we say by magnifying his works in our lives.

On the other hand, if we are in David’s situation where people around us caused us distressed because they would spread bad and wrong news about us, do what David did. He wanted to punish all of them, but he took the higher road. He knew that getting back at them would made him the same as those who do not have a true God who could defend his cause. So David laid down his distress before God. He made space for God to bring judgement to these people mistreating him. In the end, God exalted David as the highest in the land and all the people with lying lips had to serve David because he became king.

Words & Wonders Devotional: ASCENT
Focuses on the Songs of Ascents in Psalm 120-134. They are psalms of rising up, thanksgiving, celebration, laments, etc. all geared toward  returning to God to worship once again in his presence.

Day 1: Deliver Me, O Lord
Day 2: Lying Lips

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