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Last week, I went to Jeddah Corniche (seaside) with my family. There were kids playing with kites and my kids were just so amazed at them that my husband decided to look for one. They all enjoyed it. I wasn’t good at kite-flying when I was young, I think I just tried it twice or thrice with my friends. Living in the city did not really provide us with enough wind and space needed to fly a kite. =)

kite miguel

My husband bought two for my kids, but you can simply make one. Wikihow shows how How to Make a Kite or this Youtube video on How to Make a Simple Kite.

kite 2
This kind of kite is sold for 5 Saudi Riyals. (1.33 USD)

Anyway, while searching for kite/ kite-flying I saw these interesting facts about it. =) The politics part reminded me of what’s happening in the Philippines nowadays. =)


Kite-flying, or to fly a kite, is a term used in politics in certain English-speaking countries to describe a tactic, whereby a politician, usually through the media and often by way of an intentional leak, raises an idea to gauge the general and public reaction to it. Depending on the reaction, the idea that is positively received may be implemented, or disowned and denied if unfavourable, unsympathetic or hostile. The benefits of flying a kite is that it allows a controversial issue to be raised in a way that gives a government, usually in a country with a democratic system, “plausible deniability” if the reaction is unfavourable, unsympathetic or hostile, in that it allows the government to claim that “the Minister was speaking in his private and personal capacity, not for the Government in his official capacity as a Minister”, thereby distancing itself from a controversial issue to the hostile and unsympathetic general public.



The kite has been claimed as the invention of the 5th-century BC Chinese philosophers Mozi (also Mo Di) and Lu Ban (also Gongshu Ban). By 549 AD paper kites were certainly being flown, as it was recorded that in that year a paper kite was used as a message for a rescue mission.



Kites have been used for military purposes in the past, such as signaling, delivery of munitions, and for observation, both by lifting an observer above the field of battle and by using kite aerial photography.

Kite festivals around the world? Surprisingly, there are huge kites flying around the world that I didn’t know of. =)

23 huge kite festivals around the world

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4 thoughts on “Messages in the Kites

  1. My husband and I like to fly kites too! We used to fly them at the beach but now we live in the middle of the country. At least Oklahoma has some good wind, so we could probably fly in our back yard actually 🙂

  2. I learned a lot about kites in this post. I thought, it’s just one of the kids favorite activities. It has something to do with politics, as well.😂
    And a kite month, huh? Fascinating.👍

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