Mini Cupcakes

I'm beginning to enjoy eating Munch Bakery's mini cupcakes for two reasons: size & flavors.

As I've mentioned in some of my posts, I'm not a fan of sweet treats. As a matter of fact, it took me almost a day to finish a slice, yes, one triangular slice of black forest cake when I was in Yanbu. I bake cupcakes, but I don't eat most of them. Out of the 24 cupcakes that come out of the oven, only 2-3 end in my mouth. The rest are for others to enjoy.

So you see, when I saw these mini cupcakes at Munch, I smiled a little knowing that they're the perfect size of cupcake for me. They actually remind me of Dunkin Donut's munchkins. Just more colorful.

The guessing game for the cupcake's flavor is another thing that excites me as I eat these sweet treats. Is it cheese? Orange? Peanut butter? Coconut? Carrot? Coffee? Tiramisu? Kitkat? Haha all fun. 🙂

When I went to Munch the second time, I asked for each cupcake flavor to be placed in the box. 😉 Munch munch munch!

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