Mocha cupcakes

Mocha flavored cake is probably one of the reasons why I want to learn to bake. I love Goldilocks' mocha cake and I can be so frustrating at times when I want to have a piece of it but there's none available here, and the taste of the cakes here is just way to far from Goldilocks. The ones here are too sweet for me.

Last week, I felt so happy to have almost reached that mocha flavored treat. I made mocha flavored cupcakes and they are just almost the same taste as that of Goldilocks' mocha cake. :)) love them!

Just mix all these ingredients for the mocha frosting:


Powdered sugar/icing sugar


Coffee(dissolved in water)

2-3 teaspoons of milk

The amount of each ingredient depends on the taste you want. If you want the coffee flavor stronger then add more coffee.

To thicken the mixture just add more sugar or butter. To make it thin just add drops of milk.

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