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I went to the Asia Shop again and I just can’t help but buy those items that I know are not available in Jeddah. =) I wish there’s a shop in Jeddah that sells authentic Chinese/Asian ingredients.

Hoisin sauce

 I saw Luke Nguyen’s episode on Food Network (Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam) using rice paper and I just can’t wait to try it! =)

rice paper

These are sample recipes using rice paper. =) Can’t wait to try these!

Vietnamese rice paper rolls (shrimp) recipe

Rice paper rolls with peanut sauce receipe

 I always order Pad Thai every time we go to Pattaya Thai restaurant. I’ve tried cooking one before but it wasn’t that close. I knew I needed a Pad Thai sauce. This one should work. =)

Pad Thai sauce
Pad Thai recipe
Shrimp Pad Thai noodles recipe

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