Jeddah | November 21 rain

Last night, November 21, Jeddah witnessed the sky roar and strike its lightning for quite a long time. The loud thunders started around 11PM or earlier in some places, followed by great and scary lightnings. I’ve been living here for more than a decade now, and it was the first thunder and lightning show I’ve seen here that lasted that long. It went on for more than an hour and around 12:30am, the heavy rain finally poured (there was even hail storm in some areas). Oh, Jeddah! No snow?! =)

Many people took pictures and even captured in video what happened.

Saudi Gazette got photos that show what happened:

This morning, the sky was still a little dark but became clear before noon. Many areas are still resting in flood, about ankle-high. =P Well, this is life in Jeddah. Raindrops/rain=flood (well, mini flood).This results to, of course, cancellation of classes to ensure the safety of our kids. I’ve read this tweet of a father who says kids here equate rain to no classes. Sad, but true. Anyway, hopefully, summer smoothly leaves so that everything will be okay as the season changes to winter.

According to Saudi Gazette , Jeddah is to experience more unstable weather conditions in the coming days. Be safe, everyone! God Bless!

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