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I was browsing my drafts and saw this unpublished post. I thought I have published this back in August 2019, but apparently, I haven’t so, here is a review of Goyo, The Boy General.

*This post contains spoilers about the movie.

Finally found time to watch Goyo, The Boy General. General Gregorio Del Pilar (Goyo) in our history books is one of the youngest generals in our country.

I found out that it was on Netflix and thought of adding it to the list of movies I want to watch. Here are the lessons I’ve taken away from the movie and a little review of it.


Let me praise this one first. Like many new Filipino films lately, the quality of Goyo the movie has greatly improved. It’s like you are watching a Hollywood film. Before, the quality of filipino films would still look like they were from the 90’s or a box TV set when watched on screens. I’m glad we have reached this stage somehow in our films.

Photographer & Scribes

These two roles were precious back in those days that they would be hired for months to cover a whole event. I think even now, if people knew the power of these two: photographers and writers, then they could use them for their advantages. Nowadays, politicians are the ones maximizing the role of these two, especially during election period. The media, the medium, can make any message sound good or bad. Message will always depend on how the media presents it.

I can apply this even in personal life. The message of the God will depend on how I live my life. Am I being a good “middle man/medium” through which the message of God is being passed through or am I being a stumbling block, making everything good about God look bad because of the way I live?

Learn from People

The scribe was telling his uncle, the photographer, how far away the general and his people are from the true reason of the freedom they fought for. After the Filipinos were given freedom, everyone was not acting so vigilant anymore. They were going from one party to another and following all the orders of the Americans, everything seemed fine, but weird. Until they were all surprised by the sudden attacks of the enemies, all planned, during the days when they were not vigilant. The enemies attack us the moment we put down our weapons, the moment we relax and think that everything is already okay.

Forgotten Duties

As the people taste freedom, they have slowly forgotten the real cause of why they have been freed. In the story, the Filipinos have been freed only to be under another nation’s rule. It was not what the former heroes fought for. The people tasted the benefits of the new conquerors, thus, forgetting that they are once again being enslaved by another, just in a different form.


Aguinaldo, like in Heneral Luna the movie, is portrayed as a traitor. A man of high ranking offfice, who has done so little, has actually neglected his people.

Poor Leadership

The revolution fell, according to the movie, because it was badly led. Around the first half of the movie, there was a conversation between two officials of how people have been placed immediately and inaccurately in positions. Everything felt sudden. A few or even no training and you wake up being a general(referring to Goyo and other officials who suddenly were put in higher ranks because of previous victories).

I remember the saying “An army of sheep led by a lion will think and act like a lion. An army of lion led by a sheep will make the lions think and act like a sheep.” Don’t take it literally of course, or else the lion will eat the sheep. I mean you have to have the mentality of a leader or else, when assigned in a position, and you have a prey’s attitude, you will always feel like a prey. A victim.


In the movie, Goyo would always be distracted by women. He is distracted by the women in his lives and somehow, this affected his performance during strategies and battles. A lot of us after victory get distracted by things or people. A great lesson to learn here.

Delayed Sound/Dubbing

I don’t know who is at fault on this one. Netflix? The film? Or my phone? I had to endure the whole film with people moving their mouths a bit delayed as the words fly out. I kept reminding myself to think I was just watching a Korean drama because I can’t tolerate watching a movie with delayed dubbing knowing it is in English. I finished it, though. Almost had a headache. 😂


Some of the fight scences were dragging. The fight scenes could have been shortened a bit.

Have you watched the movie? What do you think about the movie? What have you leanred in the movie? Share them in the comments below.

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