Munch & Dolci

I went to Munch Bakery a couple of weeks ago to try their cupcakes because I realized I haven't really eaten any cupcakes from bakeries/stores. I was satisfied with the taste and got excited to try all the flavors.

Last Thursday, I went to Dolci, a store also popular for its baked goodies. To my dismay, I found out the same! Exactly the same style of cupcakes as that of Munch's. I was speechless for a minute. Pretending to think what to order but I was actually having a big "why??" waiting to be answered. I find decorating cupcakes to be fun and creative. I must have expected different designs from this one but I got exactly the same. There were other flavors that I didn't find in Munch but still, most of them were the same!

Okay, moving on now. Why bother?! They'll all end up in my mouth anyway. Haha 🙂

1st photo: Munch

2nd photo: Dolci

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