People who dwell on negative ideas accomplish little things. They work less and seldom say ‘yes’ to other people.

I was once a negative thinker. The pessimistic type of person who expected the worst in every situation. I noticed this when I heard myself saying “no, no, no” to almost every idea or suggestion given to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was labeled as the “NO” girl.
It was difficult for me to change that attitude. It took me a while to hold my tongue from saying no and to keep quiet for some time so I could change my perspectives. I decided to change. I became to be more determined to look at things differently and start being a person of hope instead of discouragement. You see, saying an instant ‘no’ to suggestions without any explanations can put an immediate discouragement to people who gave the suggestions. Obviously, I’ve brought discouragements to people who have heard me say “no”.
The truth is that there’s always a better way to look at things. A person may look at pure black as death and dark forces while others may see it as a symbol of elegance (like how I see black) when used by women. It’s the same when we look at problems and trials. We can try for once to start looking at these problems and trials the other way around. Let’s look at them as tools to make us better persons, sharpened and ready for better things ahead of us.
Have you recently turned down every moment to grow? Well,  start considering the suggestions. Look at things the other way around and say ‘yes’ to the challenges ahead. Stop being the very person that stops your growth by saying ‘no’ to every great opportunity that comes your way.

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