Never Stop Learning

We never stop learning.  Every day,  no matter how repetitious things look like, we have to remind ourselves that there’s something new to learn. That there can be a new lesson,  a new experience,  a new chunk of knowledge that could make us better at the end of the day.


A wise man is full of strength, and a man of knowledge enhances his might. Proverbs 24:5

If you want to learn new things in your field, you can try these free courses around the web:

  1. Coursera –
  2. Udemy-
  3. WordPress Blogging University – Writing
  4. eDx-
  5. Dave Conservatoire- For arts & music
  6. Learn to Code-
  7. E-Learning fro Kids-
  8. School Tube-
  9. Instructables-
  10. Doityourself-

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