Noodles & Expat Life

noodles and expat lifeYesterday,  I feasted with this Filipino-style chicken soup noodles with friends. In the Philippines,  it’s called chicken/beef mami. 🙂 Suddenly felt home.

The bowl is usually stuffed with cooked noodles,  carrots, Chinese cabbage, spring onions,  toasted garlic, chicken/beef and egg. Beef or chicken soup is just added later on.

Chicken mami recipe by Panlasang Pinoy

Life abroad

Food back home is one of the things you’ll miss when you start living in another country or state. 10-20 years ago,  the availability of ingredients can be very rare that you have to bring supplies from your home country whenever possible. Now,  things have changed and many stores and supermarkets are selling ingredients and goods from other countries for a higher cost most of the time. 🙂 Though not everything you crave for is available,  the few that are here can bring instant remedy to homesickness.  🙂

Do you live far from home?  What food do you miss most?  🙂

If you are an expat, be sure to be part of the community. It has some great information to help you cope up while living in another country. You can also meet people who can help you in the city our country you are in.

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11 thoughts on “Noodles & Expat Life

  1. Hi Gilian, I noticed when I read your posts, the like button is not accessible from my phone and laptop. I have to go on your site and even then…there are times when it’s not there…like now. Maybe its my internet service. Have a great weekend.

    1. Hi. I just checked. It’s accessible on my side. =) The like button is also turned on for jetpack. When the internet connection is weak, I think it takes time for the other buttons to appear. =)

  2. There are so many Asian stores abroad but still not complete. There are still foods that you will miss in the Philippines. I’m not sure if I can live abroad for so long because I really like Filipino foods.

  3. I guess food is one of the things you’ll surely miss when you go or choose to live abroad. 🙂 Good thing talaga, almost available na ang mga ingredients from the Philippines in the other countries. There are even fastfood chains or restaurants that are franchised globally, just like Jollibee! Hehe. Pero I bet, nakaka-miss pa rin on your part kumain ng pagkaing pinoy sa hapagkainang pinoy. 😉

  4. Even though I’m just here in the PH, I live far from home. My parents are in Mindanao and we’re here living in Rizal. What I miss the most? I would say the bond and my father’s cooking! ♥ My husband is in Riyadh and he says he misses everything.

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