November: Chapter 11 of 12

I wanted to say that November went by so fast, but I paused because, it actually didn’t. So many things happened this November (well, every month), I should have felt the days went by so fast, but it just felt sooooo long. =)

By the last week of November, it felt like I was pulling the week towards its end so the 11th month would finally end so we can start December or finish the year and start a new leaf.

I want to share some updates/highlights of this month. I tried to make a post for each:

Blog drafts

As you can see, I tried. 😅

Since I wasn’t successful with that, I’m just going to make a summary post of the whole month. I will still try my best to make a post of some of the highlights because I find them really interesting and helpful.


DIY Wallet out of scraps of jeans

I sewed some DIY wallets for my sons and nephews. I used the old scraps from jeans I’ve kept years ago.  You can watch the video: Creative Studio Vlog #2 + DIY Wallets on my Youtube Channel. It’s a creative studio vlog because I included the behind the scenes of the process of making one; like how to capture shots from above and the tools I’m using to shoot the process. This is to answer questions from people who ask how I take videos of the process and the tools I’m using. So there, just check it out. =)

Plus, this one. Made this cute vest for my son’s cow. 


Super easy bracelet out of pearls and buttons. Yes, old buttons or buttons that have lost pairs.
Watch the video: DIY bracelet


I’ve been craving for Filipino foods lately. I cooked ginataang munggo and ground chicken sisig. I remember craving for bistek tagalog (beefsteak) and also made one with a generous amount of ringed onions. 😋

Ginataang Munggo
Ground chicken sisig

I call this next craving the Omelette ala Fuddruckers. =) It reminds me of the breakfast meal from Fudds. It has tomato, bell pepper, cheese, I added spring onion and roasted seaweeds.😋

Omelette ala Fuddruckers

The last of my favorites this month that I’ll include here is Lurpak’s butter garlic! I love garlic + butter + cheese. Lurpak made it easier to have a garlic buttered toast anytime I want. The garlic’s taste is rich and that’s how I  like it on my toast. It’s as if there’s fresh garlic on every bite.

Lurpak’s butter garlic

I had a taste of LINE burger again. It’s a local burger house near our old house. It was easier to grab one whenever I craved for it and it has been awhile since I had it. Line burger’s grilled  beef is juicy and it comes with tomato, cheese and lettuce, but the smoky, grilled aroma and taste is what makes it stand out among other fast food burgers. Here’s the location of LINE burger  in case you are near, you might want to try it.

LINE burger

Speaking of burger, McDo has this limited offer for Black Pepper Burger. I love extra crushed pepper on my food. So, I tried it.  I love that extra spice from the pepper. It’s tolerable for those who are not used to eating spicy food. Don’t forget to download the McDonald’s app on your phone so you can get freebies whenever you order. =)

McDo’s Pepper Burger


Cookies. I still bake cookies from time to time. I did this with my kids during the school break it is still the recipe that I follow in that video.


Other cookie recipes on the blog: Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies

Baked this Oreo Chocolate Cake for my kids. Quite neat.😜 

Oreo Chocolate Cake

Also made these yellow cupcakes. I broke Oreos into halves and placed them on top of each cupcake. I was not able to take a photo of it.

Yellow cupcakes

These cupcakes below are for a friend. I like how the black paper and white pen added accent to the aesthetics of the cupcake. =)

Browse: More cupcake ideas , Hello Kitty cupcakes

Little Star cupcakes
hand lettering on cakes


The weather in Jeddah has been very unusual lately. It rarely rains here, max is twice a year when the weather changes from summer to winter and winter to summer. 

Lately, it has been weekly thunderstorms. As in loud, angry, thunders in the middle of the night. You can check my Instagram post for the the 2am and 4am thunders. Classes have been cancelled more than 5 times, but then it would become sunny in the afternoon. It went on like that until the school got used to it and just went on with the classes and did not suspend the classes. 

rainy weather
Historical Jeddah

My family went to Jeddah’s old historic center which is also a UNESCO heritage site.  A great place to visit if you are in Jeddah. You’ll see old buildings with the architectural styles preserved. Some of the buildings are being renovated because the place has been attracting tourists lately. You can watch the tour here:

Historical Jeddah
Old buildings
Family Outing

We went to Obhur with our family friends to have a simple family celebration with our other friends who are celebrating their birthdays too.

In Obhur, you can rent villas or esterahas for a day or two.

Obhur Villa

Villas usually come with swimming pools and are fully furnished inside. If you want to see what’s inside a villa here’s a video of Things To Do Inside a Villa/Esteraha.

Swimming pool inside the villa

Alma Mater

International Philippine School in Jeddah

It was my Alma Mater’s foundation week. My brother played for the alumni team who played with the varsity. It was fun visiting the school  and see changes. They now have food bazaars and many foundation week activities that are similar to the ones seen in the Philippines like booths, bazaars, and food booths. Back in our time, there were just 3-4 booths for food and the usual activities like cheering and sports competition. 

Family Journals

I started making family journals. It’s like a modern-day photo album of the places we go to and the activities we do here. I print the photos on sticker papers, which unfortunately, I ran out of. So, I just printed the rest on white A4.

family journals
family journals


I saw these guitars in Al Dawliah shop in Sarawat. They just look so cute. =) Al Dawliah is on SALE! Go to Al Dawliah website:

teal guitar
white guitar

That’s all for now. =)

No matter how busy I am, I still want to write here. It’s easier to post on other micro-blogging sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, especially now that they have STORIES, but I still prefer posting on my site. Here, I can post anything- just READ at your own risk. 😜😜 Speaking of social media…

Social Media

Whenever I post here, I can explain everything without being limited on the number of characters (Hello, Twitter) and people who read my blog somehow don’t take me literally (Hello, Facebook), but those who read my blog focuses on the subject of the post not on me as person.

When you post things on Facebook, people overreact most of the time-it’s so funny. 😁 A great example would be when you post food from a restaurant to inform people what the restaurant offers or you are happy spending time with your family. If you post it on the blog or on Foodies Group, the comments will be about the food and the restaurant. Focused on the content of the post, not on the person. If you post it on Facebook, you will receive comments like:

Why would you eat in a restaurant?
You should cook your own food?
You are wasting your money!
You are not a good mom, you let your kids eat there.

It’s crazy. 😂 

Well, it has never happened to me but it has certainly happened to people I know and I find it really unfortunate when people misinterpret what the message or post is all about. I’ve read from somewhere that the comments people leave speaks more of them rather than the one who posted it.

Maybe, it’s the age gap of Facebook users? haha I mean when younger users see the posts, they get it immediately-that the post is sarcasm, joke, or just a funny post. Most of the time, it’s the younger ones who become the victims of this embarrassment. For older audiences however, there’s this sense of concern already about the posts, which is a good balance. It’s just really funny when I see the different comments. 😂

Here on the blog, I don’t mind receiving a few of those, because in order to be able to comment here, you would have to go to my site, read the post, (fill a form for non- WordPress users?) then post a comment-such an effort! Some people don’t even reach the comment part. 😂 haha  Mostly, the ones I receive or constructive in a way.

Okay,  enough with the rant. End of post. Peace! 😘
Anyway, since we are talking about social media, you can check my Instagram (@islesgilian) for photos and IG stories, Twitter (@islesgilian) for musings and rants,  Youtube Channel for videos.


If you’ve reached this part of the post. Thank you. It was a long update, as usual. It’s already December, I know, but how was your November? 😁 😁

By the way, if on your side of the screen, you see something wrong with the layout or missing photos, please do leave a comment below. There has been recent updates with WordPress’ Gutenberg (the one most bloggers use for entering posts) and there are MAJOR errors/issues that may affect the way the posts are being published. Thank you!  (I’m still learning the new Gutenberg plugin)

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