One Night With The King

One Night With The King just never gets old. It’s a movie about a girl named Esther and how she bacame a queen and eventually helped saved her nation from being completely wiped out on the face of the earth. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve watched it, but every time I do, I want to grab a paper and take notes on every inspiring line.

Thanks to wikiquote who somehow, read my mind and did it for me in advance. Haha

King Xerxes: (walking towards her) And this is how you come to see me? Your only adornment before your one night with the king.
Queen Esther: It is, your majesty.
King Xerxes: You consider yourself of so little worth, that I could purchase your love so cheaply.
Queen Esther: I was taught… that when you visit a King, rather than expect a gift, one should bring one to lay at his feet. (removes her necklace and offers it to him) This is my most valuable possession in the world. It is my past, my present, and my future. And all of it is yours.
King Xerxes: (takes her necklace and turns away) Some would call you foolish, indeed. As they would call your Jacob. Of all commodities, love is the easiest… and the most cheaply purchased.
Queen Esther: (considerate) If it is for sale, my lord. It is not love.
King Xerxes: Even you… (moving closer) Even you must have a price.
Queen Esther: I am neither a buyer nor a seller of love.
King Xerxes: (earnestly) Suppose, my lady. A man offered you a more treasured gift. Say a kingdom.
Queen Esther: (near tears) The only gift I would accept is your heart.
King Xerxes: (taking her hands) Then it is yours. And you didn’t have to serve 7 years to get it. Tell me, Esther of Susa. Who are you really? Tell me of your people. Teach me of your ways.
Queen Esther: My father told me it takes the glory of God to conceal a matter. And it takes the honor of Kings to search it out.
King Xerxes: Then marry me and we shall spend an eternity discovering this ‘truth’… together.

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