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Never Underestimate God

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Choose Life

Everyday in my social media, there is literally an announcement of someone’s death. When the…

Planting with Kids

“Why don’t you just buy vegetables? It is cheaper and it won’t take too much…

10 Business Lessons to Learn from Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class is a story of a young man named Park Saeroyi whose principles ruled…

Friday Finds #9: Sites Where Artists Can Sell Art Online

Artists are often great at creating, but would most of the time feel uneasy when…

How To Make Chicken Katsu

Easy Chicken Katsu Recipe (Tori Katsu) Coated with Cornflakes

This Chicken Katsu recipe or Tori Katsu is always one of my go-to when I’m…

Life, Books, and Blogging

Blogging The main reason why I haven’t been blogging in the last quarter of 2019…

Movies| Goyo, The Boy General

I was browsing my drafts and saw this unpublished post. I thought I have published…

Journal/Planner 2020

DIY customizable planner/journal. I’m more of the journaling type, and I’ve used planners in the…

Journal Pages | Laish: The Dangers of Isolation

Judges 18 tells the story of the people of Laish and their isolation from other…