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Never Underestimate God

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Featured App: ESV Bible App + How To Use + Illustrations, Devotionals, and more

This app is a powerful tool which includes devotionals, illustrations, maps, charts, and other helpful resources to help you understand the Bible better.

My Soul Longs For You

My soul longs for you In a dry and weary land Where there is no…

Netflix Documentary | A Plastic Ocean

You’ll never want to use plastic again after watching this documentary. You will find yourself very cautious in the use of items made of plastic.

Photography|Arabian Camels

Some camels like walking alone. Some like it in groups. Either way, they all look…


Discipline. We don’t see it that often anymore. From following street lights to waiting for…

Wonder With Gil + Blog Theme Reset

I have been trying to change this blog from Words & Wonders to Wonder with…

Al Ula Heritage Village Re-Opens to Public in 2020

It’s almost holiday and people are thinking of exploring the other parts of Saudi Arabia…

Sewing, Pursuing, and Singing

I just sew my second son’s black teddy bear this morning. It has been torn…

Seasoned Seaweeds

Most people are probably not aware that there’s a snack pack for roasted or seasoned…