Overcomer | Rising Above the Blues

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Battle Scars

The Beauty of The Sudden Pause




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Journal Pages | A Joshua Leadership & A Joshua Generation

This is the last chapter of the book of Joshua where he was summarizing everything…

Life in the Middle of the Desert

My husband’s company had a family day last March and we were not sure if…

Songs| Burn the Ships by For the King and the Country

Burn the ships that take us to the past. Addictions, bad memories, wrong relationships, etc.…

How To Make Souvenir Mugs

Finally did a video showing the process of how to make a souvenir mug using…

Journal Pages | Honor

As I was reading Romans 1, I was alarmed at how a simple act can…

Durrah, Saudi Arabia

This is the part of Saudi Arabia that many people outside (and even those inside)…

Featured App: ESV Bible App + How To Use + Illustrations, Devotionals, and more

This app is a powerful tool which includes devotionals, illustrations, maps, charts, and other helpful resources to help you understand the Bible better.

My Soul Longs For You

My soul longs for you In a dry and weary land Where there is no…

Netflix Documentary | A Plastic Ocean

You’ll never want to use plastic again after watching this documentary. You will find yourself very cautious in the use of items made of plastic.