I think every pinoy who lives abroad is excited every time a relative comes back from Pinas. They're excited not just because of their loved ones coming back but because of the 'pasalubongs' they bring with them. Pasalubongs are travel or homecoming gifts and some of the common ones were brought by my mom who came from Philippines last Saturday.

1. Choc Nut- this is the counterpart of Toblerone.

2. Tuyo and other dried fish

3.Fruit- those not found or are very expensive here like mango, lansones, rambotan, lychee, santol, singkamas, etc.

4.Vegetables such as sayote

5.Walis tambo/broom for uncarpeted floors

6. Baby products

7. Spices

8. Candies, Stick-O

9. Dried mangoes

10. Boy Bawang (haha)

Now this post made me hungry. Let me eat some of the pasalubongs my mom brought me!

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