Patchi Chocolates: Celebration In Every Piece

When it comes to chocolates, Patchi is one of the leading brands that will always be included in the list of top chocolate shops here in Jeddah. Originating from Lebanon, Patchi has set a standard of luxury and elegance, combined with the right amount of sweetness in each chocolate. Their themed chocolates come in meticulously decorated covers that are great for occasions like birthdays, weddings, mother’s day, and even for holidays like Ramadan and Christmas.


Patchi is all about the the people and turning a chocolate gift from their stores into an expression of feelings for the special people in their customer’s lives.  Handmade artistry in Patchi’s decorated chocolates is its act of dedication to quality and creativity. Patchi keeps making things new time and time again so people would feel treasured and can cherish others.

Patchi Treasures

Chocolate is what Patchi is known for but they also sell macarons, chocolate biscuits, candies and flavored chocolates. In every piece, the goal is to give excitement, happiness, love and all those unspoken emotions that a person wants to express, but in the form of these beautiful chocolates. True enough, anyone who receives these treasures immediately snaps a smile at the sight of them.


Patchino is Patchi’s chocolate line for kids. The designs are so cute and most of them come with an item that can be used after all the chocolates have been consumed like lunch box, canister, tumbler, stationery set, and mugs.

Prices of gift packages start from 20-25 riyals and it can be a cute way to reward or congratulate a kid for a job well done.

Patchi Baby Chocolates

When someone gives birth to a baby here, it is normal to find these trays of pink and blue chocolates in the hospitals as presents. Sometimes, parents would buy them after giving birth and would give chocolates to colleagues. It has been their way of celebrating and sharing their happiness to the people around them.

Patchi’s Chocolate Package for Every Occasion

Whatever the occasion is, chocolate is the safest gift especially if you can’t think of any gift to the person. There are many choices to choose from and sizes that may suit your budget just right. You can drop by in Patchi and their employees are ready to assist you.

Patchi’s Customized Design

At the counter area, there’s a list of chocolate with pictures and a sample for each chocolate design. This is where you can choose the design according to the occasion and inform the staff how many kilos you need.

If you don’t need a highly customized chocolate, you can simply choose from the available chocolates in the shelves and display tables. These ones are beautifully packaged as well and perfect if you are in a hurry purchasing instant gifts for company guests, visitors. You can also visit them at times when  you might need a gift from a sudden invitation to a party of event.

Patchi Jeddah, KSA

I recently visited Patchi in Prince Sultan Street, Jeddah

Here’s a video of what is inside the store. Enjoy!


To You app

You can download TO YOU app for deliveries. Inside the app, just search for Patchi and you will see all the products that are available for delivery.

Patchi store in To You app

Patchi’s Social Media Accounts


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