Photography | Afternoon Shot

As I was untying the knot of our curtains, I saw the play of sun and clouds in the sky. I hurriedly pulled the curtain towards the side and turned on my phone’s camera to capture the view.

The sun was so bright so after opening the camera app, I had to tap the screen until the yellow sun icon appeared and decreased the exposure by sliding my finger down on the surface of my phone’s screen. This helped show the details of the clouds by not allowing too much light to enter the camera. Below, the lines of the rays became more visible.

I tried to take another shot just to be sure because I couldn’t instantly see in detail how the clouds looked like. My screen looked dark and my eyes were squinting a little because of the bright sun. So, I kept taking shots and decided to just view them later.

Second shot above, I switched the zoom from 1x to .5 to have an ultra wide screen capture.

Third shot, I repositioned it a little because some parts of our window appeared on the left side of the previous photo. I liked it, though. It looked like a framed capture.

Then, I thought of switching to portrait mode to have a closer view. Lowering the exposure, but not too dark.

Below is the final shot, at this point, I still had not checked how the photos looked like in detail. I just quickly glanced the edges of the photos to see if they are centered. All the objects I want to be included must be inside the frame. This is the last one:

After taking all the shots, I sat down on the bed to view them in my phone’s gallery. I am still amazed at the details. Cameras still can’t capture the exact details of what the eyes can see in real life, but this is somehow close. The rays below the gray clouds, the cloud formation, and the sun.

Simply stunning. There are things that we can only appreciate after taking time to take a closer look at them.

I am reminded of this verse:

The heavens declare the glory of God,
and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.
Day to day pours out speech,
and night to night reveals knowledge. 

Psalm 19:1

The work of an artist reflects the artist

An artist’s work says something about who he is, how he works, his ways, his style, his culture, what he is like, and more. Looking at the sky can leave one out of breath at the thought that it is the handiwork of God.