Photography | Black Eye 3-Pack 4G Fisheye Lens

I am not a fan of distorted images (yet?), so when my husband gave me the Black Eye Lens accessories for phones I was honestly clueless on what to do with it.

Mainly because there are apps with fisheye effect like the Musemage app I’m using. You can check the quick tour I made about Musemage here. I also checked the difference between Musemage’s fisheye effect and Black Eye lens’ fisheye. Check the photos below.

My kids wanted to play outside and I thought of bringing the lens with me to test it.

This first photo was not shot properly. The sides and even part of the middle of the photo were blur. I was still looking for the right position of the clip.

This one is better. Looks sharp in the middle especially the blue sky above. This was the point where I got excited about the lens. I added a filter, black and white just to see if there would be any major changes, quality-wise.

Now that looks awesome. Like a teardrop or a bubble.

It took some shots before I finally got a little comfortable with it. I had to remove the casing of my phone so the clip could hold the phone securely. This is because my phone’s case has a small part protruding by the edge. If your phone case is smooth/flat, then you don’t need to remove it.

This on top has some beautiful colors. Red on the left, green on the right, blue on top with bright white light—glare in the middle, why not? 😄 It added some character to the photo.

I took my book with me thinking I might find a good shot with it. I’m satisfied with this shot. Bright. 🙂

Musemage app + Blackeyens fisheye

I tried using Musemage app with it and the results were either blur or poor quality resolution. So I switched back to Iphone’s camera.

Black Eye fisheye lens

This is the lens. It is attached to a clip that is clamped to the phone. I will try the macro and wide lens then make a product review of Black Eye.

You can watch the unboxing and sample shots in this video I made for Blackeye Lens kit:

Did you like the shots? 🙂 What are you using to make that the fisheye effect? Share them below.😃

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