Photography| Rain

I was with my family traveling to Madinah around May this year when I saw this view:

At first, I thought there was a sandstorm in that area until I saw lightning somewhere near and I realized it was raining in that specific spot.

This photo above is how raining looks like from afar. (Left side)

Only a small portion has rain, the rest is sunny. The photo reminded me of two things.

  1. First, if we look at our problems from afar, we’ll see that the problems we have are but a fraction compared to the blessings we have endlessly been receiving. 🙂
  2. Second, problems are temporary, they will soon end. It’s like the clouds passing by and causing rain to pour out, but it will just pass so be assured that the sun will shine soon.

If you are experiencing a storm or rain in your life right now, be assured that it will soon pass.

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9 thoughts on “Photography| Rain

  1. Thank you for the reminder that trials are temporary and that God is still in control! Beautiful photos!

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