Planting with Kids

“Why don’t you just buy vegetables? It is cheaper and it won’t take too much of your time.”

I do buy veggies, but this why we plant:😅

“It has been four days and my seed has not grown yet!” My second son said in frustration and hopelessness. “Well, when you sow something, it will grow, you just have to wait and do your part. Have you watered it?” He ran to the kitchen to get some water and poured it little by little on his tiny glass pot. He woke up the following morning happily screaming “It grew! My seed grew!” I reminded my son that for his plant to keep on growing, it must be taken care of and one day it will give him fruit. He has to apply the same principle to everything. If you want to reap something good, you have to take care of it (or the person) and taking care of it takes time and effort.

Of course, kids won’t get all that learning the first time, but like seeds planted in the soil, I too, am planting seeds in their hearts, “watering” them every day, hoping that one day, those seeds will grow and bear fruit.

For kids raised in the desert, the principle of actual sowing and reaping is hard to grasp. The actual process of how farmers have to plant, wait, and harvest is a concept that seems too easy for them. Teaching them to plant is my way of instilling in them the life principle and process of sowing, taking care of something, waiting, and the joy of reaping.

Everything takes time. My kids plant seeds as I plant seeds in them and here we are, patiently waiting for both seeds to finally bear fruit. 🌿🌱

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